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I don't give kudos to cryptic too often, but I do give credit where credit is due.

Cryptic, than you so much dealing with the BFI and SNB doffs.. they have made PvP so much better in that a ship can actually be destroyed again, though I am sure some will disagree.. the point is... "it is better than it was" I have played back to back PvP games all day today (about a dozen games)... I haven't been able to do that in a very long time!

Some next steps... SAVE PVP!!!

Some things to think about.. you are resetting the borg set back to your original intentions for the set. Reset the nerf you gave it a couple months back too. It was never the borg set.. it was the doffs

Pvp is nothing but a disable this and disable that these days...

for a tier 1 (starship flow capacitors) skill of draining systems (power syphon, syphon drones), the counter skills for them are higher tiers . Reconsider because it is easy to not have to worry about your own healing when your enemy is constantly disabled or can't hurt you due to power drains.

Make sure that everything has a counter!!

Reconsider shared cooldowns with all these new powers.. eliminate them if need be. You are giving such a variety of new consoles, powers, and abilities that the number of BOFFs we have cannot completely compensate for them all! You might want to consider higher BOFF counts for ships to give more counter abilities or perhaps more abilities per boff
my new saying is "cryptic made me do it" in lieu of the the "devil"
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