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Yeah, I know-they would never build it for the game, but...

Haj Retrofit

4 weapons forward
2 Weapons aft

22,500 Hull

Shield Mult: .8

Commander Universal
LTC Universal
LTC Universal
LT Universal

3 Science consoles
4 Engineering Consoles
3 Tactical Consoles

Turn Rate; 20 degrees/second

z-store console: Aerobatic Console (Usable only on fighters and Birds of Prey) +30 Turn rate 15 seconds/2 minute cooldown (Stackable effect with Omega shield, console, and Attack Pattern bonuses)

Battlecloak as standard

(and the Fleet version would have 5 eng. consoles!)

Price: 2500 Zen

I think people would buy this, and more important, it would provide decent competition from a very different direction to the rickockulously OP Fleet Defiant and upcoming Vesta cheezefests-like all KDF ships, it's crap if you don't know how to fly it, and awesome if you do.

Cryptic cold save massive amounts of development money by reusing the "Haj" skin from the L40 Hegh'ta, we have a precedent for 5 consoles on a ship (Fleet Defiant), the limited warload (2 aft weapons, 4 forward, 3 tac consoles) keeps it out of DIRECT competition with cheesetastic designs on the Fed side-i.e. you actually have to WORK to get the high DPS/killshots, unlike FedScorts, who pretty much get it for free if the owner's even HALF awake...

but the maneuverability boost or durability boost makes it an effective match for OTHER T5 SHIPS (without being a bleeding nother cruiser!!)

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