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Hi All,

Upon entering the game I instantly opened up the PvE queue to do an elite STF, I don't know if it is a bug or not (this is not the primary problem) but I could only queue for 2 STF's instead of the usual 3 BUT moving on I got the pop to do Infected Space Elite, so I clicked engage and the screen loaded, 2-4 seconds within warping in a new pop up came up asking me to join infected Space Elite again So I chose to click the "Engage" button to which I was prompted "you are already in an infected run" I clicked engage multiple time to no avail so the other option left to me was leave... considering I was already in an infected run I decided to click on leave to which it warped me out of the system and I ended back at ESD

At this point I thought I would rejoin for an infected run but when clicking the button I got a message saying I am already in an infected run... interesting... I tried looking for a way back to this infected run that I am in but there was no clear way of going back into it, I even tried the currently running STF's section of the PvE queue and saw there was an infected space elite run happening with 4/5 people so I thought I that must be the one I got kicked out of, so when I clicked join surprise surprise it said I was already in an infected run at this point I thought maybe logging out and logging in may fix the issue, when I logged back in and tried to queue I am now faced with a new issue saying I am now temporarily banned from queuing to do an STF.

Not a good start to testing within 10 mins of logging into the test server lol Also I would like to point out I am also unable to clearly see my time limit on my ban time to which I assume is an hour but I cannot see the count down anywhere on the new PvE queue system.

List of Issue's found with the new PvE queue
  • Can only queue for 2 STF's not the original 3
  • A 2nd popup to join the STF with the potential to kick you out of the STF
  • No clear way of re-entering the STF you have accidentally or forcefully been kicked out from without your consent
  • New PvE Queue UI does not display timers on STF cooldowns

If I have listed these in error please let me know and I'll add/remove my findings, hopefully I am the only one with this issue.

Thanks for reading

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