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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
and this is where all of your advices fell apart for me.

I can do that (well, not if I get a sneak isometric in my back, but the rest is easy). however if I go left then it will mean the rest of the team is going middle and right.

now the problem is, that we are talking about baddies. I have run not one CSE where ppl couldnt handle one group of BoPs, so even if I kill the ones on my side, they probably wont be able to handle the rest (if they even go their way to handle them, and wont assume, that I am just taking defense, and will leave every bop to me, which will either mean I cannot follow this strategy, or if I do, the team fails because of the bops)
Sometimes you get 4 really bad players and it happens, you can't carry 100% of the runs. Having said that, I think your grossly overstating how often this scenario happens.

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