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11-03-2012, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by holyhelmet View Post
Ok first thing, I was on the Hive space mission elite. I think this is a bit much

One of Two Unimatrix 01 deals 1157634 (1590309) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to you with Plasma Energy Bolt Explosion.

Did it think i was flying a planet?

When i respawned. Just as I reached the 10km distance, the unimatrix ship one shot killed me before i could even fire a shot.

And then theres the queen with her one shot kills. Attack the queen, 5 secs later, 1 shot death, this continues until the point where its, 5 secs of attacking, 75 secs to respawn, get in range of queen, 1 shot within 5 secs or so, 75 secs until respawn.
So either the one shot kills need to be looked at, or the respawn timer needs to be lowered. Or even better, both.

And the final slap in the face, when the mission was finally completed. No rewards for anyone.
The plasma bolt explosion is the giant glowing ball of bad that it shoots that slowly closes in on you and can be shot down before it reaches you.

The instadeath when you entered 10 km was probably their lance beam. It has a dead zone (you're told about this in boff dialog) but bad luck on a respawn can screw you on it.

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