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# 1 Fleet Tor'Kaht DOFF help
11-03-2012, 01:09 PM
Hi all,

I have a fleet Tor'Kaht and am more than happy with my current set up except for my DOFF layout.

This is an Eng toon.

My BOFF layout is as follows.

Tac Lt - TT1 - CRF
Tac Lt Cmdr - TT1 - CRF - TS
Eng Cmdr - EPTS - Aux2Struc - RSP - Eject Warp Plasma
End Ens - EPTS
Sci Lt - HE - TSS

Currently I have a blue Projectile weapons officer, x2 energy weapons officers (Cannons), Warp core engineer and a shield distribution officer.

I am wondering if I can make any improvements to the DOFF layout. The BOFF abilities work well and the cooldowns all fit perfectly. Since having the cannon weapons officers though the CRF seems to be all over the place. I am also not sure how effective the warp core engineer is either and I dont seem to use BIF all that much.

The only BOFF ability I am considering changing is EWP but I cant see anything else decent in the Cmdr Eng slot.

Anyway, any help that can be offered with regards to DOFFs would be great. Thanks.

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