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11-03-2012, 05:44 PM
On a positive note, this thread hasn't turned nasty. Yet.

But ultimatum is right. As long as most of the end-game content is damage based, ships that don't have high DPS/overall damage output will be left behind.

I fly a tac oddy that can deal some significant damage, but only because I designed it specifically for damage output. Even then though, I still have trouble keeping up other ships (like KDF battlecruisers) when it comes to damage output. As support and tanking go, even specced towards damage, my Oddy works wonderfully. Sufficed to say, if I am on the map and actually awake and paying attention on my engi, whoever has aggro is guaranteed to have at least 4 heals ready to throw at them at any given time, 2 HoTs, 1 big heal, and 1 small heal (HE1, TSS1/TSS2, ET3, Aux2SIF3). I occasionally reserve one or two of them for myself, but only when I have aggro.

So I can still deal some pretty nice damage while at the same time heal others AND tank if I need to. But since the game is geared almost purely towards damage, it makes it hard to justify using my tac oddy over my FPE (which runs standard 4 DHCs/3 turrets build).

So what I can tell, other than being a little clumsy and clunky, cruisers as a ship class are fine. The only problems appear to be that the game doesn't need them. Which tbh is true. As stated, you don't need a tank, because you just kill it faster to keep it from hurting you, and you don't need the supporting heals, since most damage dealing ships can stay alive easily. And against things they can't stay alive against, it kills you so fast that you can't outheal it, OR it one shots you.
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