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11-02-2012, 11:42 AM
Well verry nice to read all your expierience into STF Elite.

Are you ready ?

That's obvius a big question I roll out a new char to see how to proceed. I done a whole weak normals trying different strats with lots off differend people.
In one weak you can with everyday 3 ours play get your retro borg gear and if your lucky some borg Mk X weaponry. But here is the problem with Elite !!
If IA decide to atack you with two birds off prey then your OUT. No mather what you try to do.

Are you lissening sir ??

Some people just destroy what they like messing up your game, or just leave a one our bonus whatever they do not care.
That's no fun at all I can tell you, or there are people just doing something without even lissening to each otherthe game will always fail.
Several years ago their was a tread also discused with STOked to do STF's with your fleet they can help you and they lissen to you keep this in mind people.

Well with that said I would like to do the last part off concerns.
I read on and on and see people concerned with the fact they don't always like to play with rookies.
Well the new STF from what I seen and understand is this you have to earn credits to play certain levels off STF and also to get the gear for that.
My concern is that they give you the right to buy gear for borg after the mission so far thats the complain what people bothers the most.
What they also concerned with is that the gear they allready posesses is useless in season 7.
Thats also my concern on this mather but maybe we are all wrong about it who knows.

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11-02-2012, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Yes there is (although its not perfect)! Your fellow players are more than capable of deciding your attunement to content, or if you are failing in commitment to the task at hand - but they are simply not allowed to do so in this game.

We should be allowed to vote people off the island/out the airlock as group consensus (not individual predilection) sees fit.
Good choice but if you like to go this way you better off making a standard team leader.
If he decide you do not lissen or fail the team the team leader should have the option to kick you out when he does the game pauses until a new player arives or something like that .
But is this realy needed are people so bored that they start teasing other people because off it ??
Then if those people stay doing that and everyone reports him or her I think cryptic will give that person a warning and if it stays that way they could ban him out off the game .
Not like to ruin my play time because some kid try to screw it up.
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11-03-2012, 05:34 PM
You logic is flawed my freinds. You forget that the "baddies" need the elite data chips to improve there ships to become NOT so bad. I suggest you remember that.
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11-03-2012, 07:07 PM
well... they could set it so you can only get into elite STFs with like having Tier 1-2 of the Omega reputation done...
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Curse you Archived Post.... you stole all my Ideas.

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