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11-03-2012, 10:33 PM
I don't feel a elite veteran of all of there content
Should have to go thru the system I'n the first place .

As many have said before it's plain insulting

the 2 day wait should be removed period if you can
Pay you advance is my thinking

I know they want everyone to level equally
It still stinks. I understand why I just don't like it

( rant over )
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# 352 Omega Marks
11-03-2012, 11:20 PM
I noticed that the the omega reputation table is already there, but play a couple of missions there and out of the 5 players, 2 to 3 didn't earn an omega marks and the other reward... so does it mean that only the romulan reputation table will be coming out 1st?

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# 353 Borg Red Alert in new Zone
11-03-2012, 11:47 PM
I found this mission to bug on me when I entered a finished red alert, i warped out and found that the mission was gone but when I tried to take it again it advised me I was still on it and could not take it again. I checked my log to see if I got rewards for completion as well as my currency tab and no Romulan marks, I was also 40% off the way through the other daily and had not earned any yet. Completed daily and saw rommarks appear with notification and mission disappear from log and show up with 20 hour cool down under available but the Red Alert still not showing in my mission log and telling me I was still on it. Sure to be fixed but just letting you know.
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11-04-2012, 02:15 AM
A flamethrower at T5 reputation? Seriously? I'm glad my kdf char can use that, but what about my Starfleet one? I thought Starfleet banned cruel weapons?
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11-04-2012, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by scout1701 View Post
I noticed that the the omega reputation table is already there, but play a couple of missions there and out of the 5 players, 2 to 3 didn't earn an omega marks and the other reward... so does it mean that only the romulan reputation table will be coming out 1st?
No, they just have not hooked up all the rewards yet. it will be once its on holodeck.

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11-04-2012, 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
Ok, so... I lost interest after reading a third of the posts here, some of which appear to be back and forth between people. So, ignoring all the rest, here are my impressions of the reputation system:

1) These reputation projects are completable given what I can gather with my usual play activities. Thus far, they use resources that are fairly straightforward to obtain, though I haven't even hit Tier I given that I just started for the test weekend.

2) Just as I feared, these reputation projects consume resources that also apply to fleet projects. This means that either the fleet loses out on the resources I am contributing, or I miss out on progress through the reputation system.

3) There is no apparent increase in the amount of dilithium that may be refined, and there is a distinct increase in the activities that draw upon it. This is a bad thing.

4) The reputation system provides an outlet for those disinterested in participating in a fleet to still have their own little project system. That this is also part of why some players are disinterested in participating in a fleet makes this a pyrrhic victory for said players.

5) Unsure of this is a description bug, or a change to the event, but the Mirror Universe Incursion description makes no mention of dilithium being rewarded. I did queue for it on Tribble, but did not get into one to see for myself. If this is a change, it is not a good thing for lower level players with limited access to dilithium in the first place. This may be intentional, though, as it pushes dilithium further into "endgame".

6) The unlocks from the reputation system are very cool, and a neat idea to add to endgame content. I enjoy the idea of customizing my captain with additional abilities beyond merely my branch of Starfleet/KDF.

7) The reputation system adds another menu management segment to the game. This game IS fun to play, but menu management is not in and of itself exciting. I personally can't remember any time I heard someone say, "Oooh! More menus! AWESOME!"

Well, those are my personal impressions pertaining to the reputation system. The rewards are good, the method of obtaining them is dull, and the whole thing seems designed to increase the demand for dilithium. The last part is probably a good thing for free-to-play folks, since that should drive down the cost of Zen on the dilithium exchange. I hope this is helpful, and assists you in your future efforts to continue to improve STO.
couldnt agree more with everything above
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11-07-2012, 05:25 AM
I have to say, the removal of Dilitihium from the reputation systems is definitely a step in the right direction... still have absolutely NO interest in working on either of them.

I have to ask, what is the point of the reputation system in it's current form? Is the purpose to meter the content or just provide a system for people to unlock different tiers and rewards?

If the point is to throttle access I REALLY don't see why the projects require anything other then Omega/Romulan marks. Adding 'Vendor Loot' and Doffs to the requirements adds absolutely nothing to the system, it's actually the reason I'm already tired of the Starbase system. It might make sense when 50-60 people need to contribute, but it's just senseless Replicator spam and exchange farming for a single person. The xp projects should have a fairly minimal cost, if we're actually working on the missions. Think DOFF system, not starbase.

If the point ISN'T to throttle access, why have marks at all? In that case give us reputation specific XP after completing missions and STFs. This allows people to level the systems at their own pace and remove the ridiculous leveling missions and their costs. Don't get me wrong, there would still need to be missions to unlock the different tiers and obtain gear and consumables, but it would remove a lot of the pointless busy work in the current system.

Honestly, the thing that bothers me the most about the reputation system is that it's moving almost ALL endgame content to a 'hands off' system. For a casual player you're removing the incentive to play past getting the resources for projects and forcing them to log in and swap projects regularly. This kind of system killed EVE for me, if you can't log in at a specific time you're character suffers and falls behind.

It makes sense for something like the DOFF system, where you have no direct control over the outcome, but when you're doing missions and only getting credit after some arbitrary project? Not as much. I REALLY hope there's additional changes coming, the system's definitely not ready yet.

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11-07-2012, 10:23 AM
It feels really too easy to achieve since the last patch, and the romulan marks inputs are ludicrously low, even after T2.

I've done the tau dewa daily, one tholian red alert, 4-5 azure nebula, one mine trap, 2 the vault ensnared events, and one new Romulus run and I still have 80 romulan marks left, and I'm working on T3 now... The main issue will be waiting for project completion. I won't have much to do, since I play on a daily basis. That's not fun.

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11-07-2012, 11:38 AM
EDIT :: This is a complete rewrite of something less... pleasant. I'm not usually an avid poster but I REALLY don't agree with the design of the Reputation system. I apologize if it comes out a little disjointed.


Perhaps so but with Season 7 fast approaching I'm left more then a little anxious about the changes. This is the second time the STF currencies have changed this year and the current system just feels completely unfocused. In addition, there's really been no dev feedback on the Reputation system since the blog, and that makes me nervous.

This is the second time the STF currency has been redesigned this year and considering the state of the Reputation system, I'm really not confident that it wouldn't be reworked again in another 6 months. My main problem is, I honestly have no idea what the point of the Reputation system is. There's no real focus, it just leaves me with a bunch of questions that I'm still trying to get answered.

Is it throttled to slow access to the content or because that's left over from the starbase system? Why not make the XP missions 30 seconds instead of 2 days long? Is the system ment to be a currency sink? If so, why remove dilthilum? If not, why require anything besides marks? Why is it a project system, doesn't XP make more sense? Why not just have projects to unlock the tiers and create gear? What do we get out of the system that couldn't be achieved by adding MKXII gear to the STF vendors?

I'm REALLY not a fan of using a 'Hands Off' System like the starbase or doff system to manage a player's ability to progress. It's like running all the lower level content, but only getting XP from performing DOFF missions afterwards. It's even worse when the system requires 'Vendor Trash' and DOFFs. I'm already sick of obtaining that stuff for the starbase, I don't want to be doing it on player progression. If it's not earned from doing STFs or Romulan events, it shouldn't be required by the projects IMO.

I like the idea, but adjusting the drops and shoehorning the Starbase system in to control everything isn't the way to go. It feels like a patch job, unfinished. Perhaps there are good reasons that the system is designed the way it is, but without any Dev interaction on the subject we'll never know.

Honestly, I'd rather have the system left out of the game at this point. The way it sits now I half expect that it'll have to be pulled out for another system 6 mths from now and I'm sure no one wants to deal with another unfair currency exchange.

Great start but far from finished.
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# 360 We hate you too
11-07-2012, 03:06 PM
took somthing broken and made it so bad people allready leaving game and the crap not even on holodeck yet. congradulations you must hate us all so so much.

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