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***Tholian Red Alert***
I love the furball you created. When you warp in, you find yourself saying.. Whoa! This is how a Red Alert should be; a lot of the players together. Definitely a keeper!

***Galorndon Core weapon imbalance***
I played this mission with my ECR outfitted with Tetryon Borg Mk XII beam arrays (3 beams, 1 Croniton Torp fore & 3 beams, 1 Croniton Torp aft).

In this mission I exprienced that my opponents (Hunter escorts and the occaisional frigate), also with tetryons, were more effective in damaging my hull once my shields were gone with those beams (I am excluding the torps for obvious reasons). I, instead, was barely making a dent with either my tetryons or my torps (which are very rare MK XI). And this was on max weapon setting.

When engaging Tholians for example, I feel the tetryons are better balanced. And in season #6 Elite STF's using this setup, when blowing the first probe in the top row, I can tango with both the Neg'Var and Raptor at the same time without getting killed.

***New Romulus***
Love the way it is made. When I did move off the map (In the spirit of: what's going to happen if ...), I "fell" off the map and got suspended above the map itself, with no way of getting down to earth say beaming out and in again.

***New STF missions (PvE) - Normal***
Love the way the emphasis is more on working together to win the screnario. To win this, you need a good mix of all classes of ships and careers. Love to see more of this.

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