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# 1 Tribble STF and doffs.
11-04-2012, 02:36 AM
For what it's worth few things from tribble test in no particular order

Event Queue
* number or players would be nice to see
* Closing the event queue window seems to remove you from the queue, please don't remove

* doff upgrade costs are insane compared to the actual value of what you get in the end

Into the Hive Space STF
* Please avoid using cutscenes and forced time window for briefing in any repeatable space content on elite level. People gonna be playing this content 100ds if not 1000ds of times and seeing the same thing over and over is a nuisance
* 20 sec Brifieng at the start is not implemented

We chatted about the new STF with other power gamers and while folks embrace the challenge, I personally think it begs for a balance pass:
* First optional - kill 6 tac cubes and dozen of spheres, seems to be okay.
* Second optional - kill 2 big things then kill a small thing while keeping 3 ppl alive is a bit excessive.
a) uber plasma balls with 400k - 900k damage that fires every 90 seconds or so. Given the nature of those things I believe the damage resistance and defence rating should be reduced on those.
b) insta kill plasma beam - possibly every 90 seconds too.
c) Insta kill Torp Spread 3 with no animation

Effectively the mob gets insta kill uber weapon every 30 seconds or so. Coupled with nerfing of borg set it leads to players being killed very often. I think we should revisit the death timers after be nerfed the shields and buffed the mob.

STFs in general
* no dil rewards
* no drops
* no optional loot bag

Borg plasma burn is getting overpowered without 3 piece borg heal proc. Can we make HE remove borg plasma proc during the whole duration of HE not just at a start?
STF Elite Advanced Tactics

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