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11-04-2012, 04:25 AM
They adressed healing as well. The BFI doff and Borg set changes.

Don't know how much that will effect gameplay in the long run, but it is something.
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11-04-2012, 04:45 AM
AP:B is nerfed into further total uselessness outside of PvE. Thanks again devs!

vids and guides and stuff

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11-04-2012, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Please explain in what way the patterns have taken a nerf? (genuinely curious, the only pattern i have used is APB in a voquv, seemed fine to me
The DR debuff had been reduced. The character I checked on was a fresh copy from Holodeck, same skills, gear etc. but was getting -23 from APB1 rather than the near -30 on Holodeck. Sensor Scan was also down from -67 to -39 so it seems it affects all DR debuffs rather than just the attack patterns (the Omega damage buff appeared unchanged).
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11-04-2012, 06:53 AM
Sensor Scan nerfed as well? Last thing I recall is science needing another nerf... they need buffed and have power recharge times reduced more than anything.

And yeah reason I noticed it was that I was putting out 6k dps before in a Cruiser with 4 beam arrays, now I'm scratching 5k.
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11-04-2012, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
AP:B is nerfed into further total uselessness outside of PvE. Thanks again devs!
Lol and inside. I'm not convinced any of the attack patterns are now worth using at Commander rank. Might try DP:B III and H:Y III instead.
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11-04-2012, 07:36 AM
Not only Sensor Scan but also Tricorder Scan and all ground debuffing effects significantly nerfed, which makes me not bother to use these "powers" on tribble.

When I Eject my Warp Plasma, I go to 125 power in all subsystems. (It's funny to watch the speed boost as you drop it!)

I had also noticed that if I set my default shuttle, all of my ships gain a universal bridge officer station and my ship is renamed to that of my shuttle. (A fair trade, lol)

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11-04-2012, 08:26 AM
I also havent noticed anything about subnucleonic beam being nerfed in the patchnotes (Might've overlooked though). On holodeck I'm sitting at a 200% decrease in recharge speed while on tribble its around 60%, thats not pretty if you ask me.
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11-04-2012, 08:27 AM
I still use Attack Pattern Omega, but I use it for the added speed/turn rate, defense buff, and immunity to movement/disable debuffs more than for the added damage.
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11-04-2012, 08:32 AM
I'm not exactly happy about the sensor scan being nerfed as my sci ship is based around completely shutting down shields for a period of time and dealing as much damage as possible thanks to the sensor scan. Dropping it down from 60-65 to 30-35 will make things a lot harder.
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11-04-2012, 08:38 AM
I checked with the rest of the Systems Team on Friday regarding Sensor Scan, and none of us have modified the magnitude values associated with that ability's debuff. It appears as though other powers were affected, so we'll be spending some time tracking down what code has been altered to produce this effect.

For the time being, I believe it's safe to say that this was not an intended alteration.

Has anyone done thorough testing on the above powers to see if the change may be limited to display figures only, but behavior is unchanged?
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