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# 1 Improve 'Aux' Power
11-04-2012, 06:51 AM
It seems cryptic is beginning to notice that it is a liability for a ship to be running a high level of Auxiliary power to enhance some boff abilities with the new ship release.

I suggest one of two/three possible enhancements

1) Allow Auxiliary Power to grant a small passive amount of hull resistance and increase hull repair. Say 25% max resist at 125 and 100% increased repair rate from crew, this would really help out cruisers.

2) Allow Auxiliary Power to increase the speed that sensor analysis stacks are created. Say cut the speed in half at 125 power.

3) Move Shield Regeneration away from Shield Power to Auxiliary Power. I know this is a nerf to shield power but lets be honest, the Shield Distro Doff was nerfed because it healed too much shielding yet most of my ships are pushing nearly 1,000 shield regen per facing just because of high shield power which is a bit silly combined with the resistance you gain as well.


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