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# 1 Proposal: Fleet-based PvP
11-04-2012, 07:52 AM
If there's a thread to this effect somewhere already, it's already buried deep in this forum and/or the PvP and General Community Feedback forums. Anyway, I have a few suggestions for new fleet-based missions - the twist being that these would be PvP instead of cooperative in nature. Maybe even a monthly fleet leaderboard and prizes for both participants and their fleets, for winning both the individual event and topping the leaderboard at the end of the month.

1: Fleet-based versions of existing PvP combat zones (space and ground)
This one should be pretty self-explanatory. One possible alternative is an "all vs. all" version with five (or more?) players, each from a different fleet (i.e. no more than one player from any one fleet allowed in a particular instance). Another is a "2 vs. 2 vs. 2" format (three fleets, two players each).

2: Small-craft races (space)
Finally, a way to put those racing uniforms to good use! Unlike the "Tour the Galaxy" event where you're only racing against the clock, make this an actual PvP race on a dedicated racecourse map. (My idea is to name the course location D'Kar and make Tom Paris the event's grand marshal - the Paris D'Kar Rally!) Again, five opponents, each representing a different fleet - and yes, it would be legal to shoot at or otherwise try to impede your opponents' progress. (For good measure, I'd also add some nasty surprises like cloaked minefields along the racecourse that the leader would encounter first, to keep anyone from getting too far ahead too early.)

3: Scavenger hunts (ground/interior)
The idea is simple enough: The trophy is hidden at some random location on a ground map (a different location every time), and you have to find it, and keep your opponents from getting to it first. (Think the Triwizard Cup-in-a-maze challenge in the fourth Harry Potter book, only without Voldemort lying in wait at the end.) Again, it would be five players from five different fleets searching for the trophy. Once the trophy is found, its winner is removed from the map and a second-place trophy is spawned somewhere else on the map, and then a third-place trophy once that one is found (for leaderboard purposes, as well as to keep the game going for the other players in case the first-place trophy is found quickly).

4: Daily inter-fleet poker tournaments (social zone)
Others (along with myself) have suggested adding poker to the game in some fashion or other. Well, here's yet another proposal: Daily no-limit hold'em tournaments at some social zone (DS9 seems the logical choice; this would be a good way to get people to keep going there after the Omega store goes away), limited to, say, three players per fleet. Individual buy-ins/payouts are in fleet credits or marks, and the top players also earn points for their fleets toward the monthly leaderboard.

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