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I'm currently a free-to-play player and I need some advice for science players, particularly in Space combat. I now realoze how complex this game is and how planning is important. Here are important considerations:

Science Captain (level 33) / Long Range Science Vessel
PvE Solo only right now
Advanced difficulty setting

I understand I don't need to use a science vessel but I want to stick with it. While I love being in groups, I don't think I can commit to that right now. Basically I'm taking it slow as a ftp player wanting to play through the Cryptic made episodes. I may be willing to make some purchases (I do need to respec) but basically I'll be relying on the normal dilithium / EC that a player like me would get.

I started out on normal but really want to try advanced difficulty. I found the space combat to be too much of a drag. I've identified some ways that I haven't been playing well but I also have a gimped skill allocation (I didn't know what I was doing when I started). So I need to rebuild.

How do you build a Sci officer for solo play since Sci is made for group play? That's my dilemma.


Here is a skill planner link to what I've been thinking about. It has a way to deal with enemy packs and single target encounters. I also has shield regen and hull protection. Not a lot of the abilities share the same cooldown which is good.

Drawbacks: Jam Sensors, Scramble Sensors, and Viral Matrix are all enhanced by tier 5 Admiral skills. I'm only a Captain right now. Perhaps a should select other abilities?

Would Tyken's Rift be better for a solo officer?


I'd like to use disruptors for the debuff but I can't craft them though I could requisition them. I will probably go Plasma beams / Quantum torps for the extra damage potential. Sound OK?


For Sci, I'll get Graviton, Particle, and Countermeasures. Tac: beam damage increase and plasma damage increase. Eng: I'll get whatever I can get my hands on for cheap.

Do all of these ideas cohere well? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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