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# 101 Feedback
11-04-2012, 08:29 AM
The Azura Nebula Rescue: You often have to hit "disable tractor beam" numerous times in order to release the romulan ship. Shouldnt you have to hit it once?

The New Romulus map is HUGE! But some of the sepicific grinds seem excessive. Im still trying to figure out why gathering plants and giving 5 to one person, while giving 10 to another doesnt add up.

Into the hive Ground is very intense, but Im trying to figure out the purpose of the transporters. If you have electrified grids constantly on by the transporter activation nodes, doesnt it defeat the purpose then?

As for the space version, I am unsure why the regen probes for the two unimatrix ships cross support (and this is in normal), we were however able to develop a pattern to counteract the potential bug. I would hate to see elite.
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11-04-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by hfmudd
While I like that we can now see the quality level of our bridge officers, having the commbadges tinted bothers me. Fedside, I liked the contrast and consistency of basic black arrowhead plus department color. Now my mild nerdly OCD is pinging and some of the color combos (Tac BO of Green quality) are not pleasing to my eye.

Would coloring only the category on the paperdoll screen (e.g. "Starfleet Engineering Bridge Officer"), as it is now, suffice?
Agreed: this really looks bad. Besides, we are (well, most of us) big boys and girls and, if we really want to go and look at the BOff qualities, we can do so right now. If this is so others can see the BOff qualities as a sort of vanity thing, it's even worse - 'couldn't care less if another player is impressed by my away team members, ship, title, or what-have you.

It is also inconsistent: two of my active BOffs are actually "rare" quality, but one is shown purple with this change and the other isn't.

This is an unnecessary and, in my opinion, very undesirable visual - there could seriously have already been a lot more time invested in fixing extant bugs in the New Romulus patrols and other missions than doing something like this.

In short, some good stuff in here so far, but with certain things, I'd say leave well enough alone.

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# 103
11-04-2012, 09:11 AM
Posted this in another thread, but I think it was a Zombie:

The "Tholian Red Alert" daily mission seems to be bugged, at least during the time I played it. I would join via the "Red Alert" tab, fight for what seemed like ages, receive the flyby "Tholian Red Alert Daily Complete," even get that confirmation from the BOff, then...nothing - it does not show as complete. That was way too much time to spend (some of these battles are FAR too long, especially those that come in waves) with VERY little payout, and then to find out it didn't complete.

Also, every time I try to enter a deep space encounter, I see my ship enter, but then get the "Well done, Admiral" message from my BOff saying I have finished "the mission" - without seeing a single enemy ship. No payout, no credit there, either.

Finally, in the other new daily mission in 'New Romulus' space, there really is a lot of time spent for not much. In two of the missions we went through wave upon wave of enemy ships or long "storyline" aspects - all to the tune of 45 minutes or more and...only filled 35% of the total necessary for completion.

I know there are folks who get on and play for hours, but as you have admitted yourselves: you know most of us are more casual players. Honestly, I don't have 6 hours a day to spend fighting the same ships or herding space slugs (Gekli); sorry!

Please either shorten the duration of the missions, or make each mission worth more, percentage-wise.

PLEASE listen to the player base regarding problems (not the ridiculous and overly cosmetic suggestions, but the mechanical and functional ones) and make the truly necessary tweaks and changes BEFORE launch this time! Season 6 was a real train wreck for the first half of its life, but there was so much feedback about problems we saw during testing that a good deal that came along with the live launch could have been avoided.

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(...actually active since November 2010, which may one day be important to archaeologists, but not to anyone else...)
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# 104
11-04-2012, 09:17 AM
Something's wrong with one of our fleet projects on Tribble - says we need 6 DOFFs and that all six have been contributed, but it does NOT show that it's filled - still says I can contribute (although it doesn't allow me to.)

Edit - this is happening on multiple fleet projects. The interesting thing is that it's only happening on the left column of items, not the right.

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# 105
11-04-2012, 09:25 AM
when exiting to windows, and going back in the game.. there is black screen for 4-5 sec. doing nothing.. then continue fine

in STO going back from windows to STO is immediately.
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# 106 Into the Hive
11-04-2012, 10:01 AM
So far, I like most of the new contet, all except for one STF. As a hard Core STF'r the challenges on elite are a huge draw for me, that being said, one of the new STF's is a big time turn off for me. Into the hive is challenging and fun, up to the Queens chamber. The floors are a bit much in the queens chamber. Already worrying about a named boss (the Queen), plus multi-waves of borg spawns (including Elite Tacs) and the floor is way to much to handle. I myself aswell as others I have run with think the same, you have created a "No win" STF on elite difficulty. How about dialing back the floors a bit if for nothing else then just to balance the STF. I dont want to see STF's become a "Do not Attempt" thing.
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I have seen a few bugs with season 7.
1. I played the Hive space and for some reason I didn't get omega marks because my inventory was full and when I emptied it I only got EC. are we only supposed to get EC or not?
2. During the Hive ground there were a few bugs. When we got to the final fight against the Borg queen she kept falling of the edge. Once me and the team I was in just committed suicide (in game not IRL) and I spawned in a wall. I spawned in the corner of the re-spawn place for the rest of the match.
Some things nice.
1. Gaining Dilithium during stf's.
2. More project's with reputation system. (There might be more I am still at the lowest stage.)
3. Seeing how many people are queued with the new PvE list.
4. Not using doff's for the Reputation or at least getting them back at the end.

These are all the complaints and all the bugs that I have seen on tribble for season 7
I was Captain_Doug just FYI
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# 108 tribble
11-04-2012, 10:11 AM
found that at times my Star ship wouldnt turn. i like the overall idea of what is going on. (though i felt that some of the levels were i little unbalanced.) The herding level completly was fustrating and made no sence. If I didnt attack the pochers they did amost no damage to me. If i did then al of a sudden they were doing an exsorberant amount of damage. Also i couldnt get teh stupid herd to move, they just kinda stoppped.
Other levels felt balanced. played for 6-8 hours.
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# 109
11-04-2012, 10:29 AM
On New Romulus, I accepted the "New Romulus Transport System" project, but it only allows me to go to The Atlai... nowhere else.

Update: I figured it out - you either need to go their on foot (use the map) and check in on the transporter or you can do it via the Red Alerts. Once you do, you can transport everywhere.

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11-04-2012, 10:35 AM
yes i noticed this to, the "boosting affect"

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