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I m just going to repeat myself, but: you want healing on ground = sci, and you want to debuff enemies and strike them = sci. What you are describing is a sci toon. They are fun, and very much needed, engies are for healers, and even there they hardly serve a purpose. They are broke, imv, and this comes from a long time Eng player.

In any case, have fun with your new toon, hope to see you in the PvP queues.
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Originally Posted by havam View Post
honestly go sci if you like those boats. Eng in space a pretty much useless,
useless 0o?

how the hell can you say that

...now see this

...now see my dedication plaque
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If u want to fly engineer in bop/raptor try this build


is my personal preference for max space / ground dmg engineer

If u can pickup the Mirror Qin raptor is essentially a Garumba with a battlecloak instead of the Javelin, can also use similar boff layout in the B'rel retro:
keep Tac commander,
LTC to sci with GW-1,
Tac lt with tt-1, csv-1,
Eng lt with eps-1,aux2SIF-1.

grab some polarized disruptors dhc x3, Quantum torp, and, 2x disruptor turrets (polar disr turrets like 1mil ec ea ......eeewww)

imo threat control is overated as enemies will always attack whoever does the most dmg, with the build above u should be able to hold aggro and use your captains abilities to help tank ur ship.

for ground grab an enemy neutralization kit to start the mines and bomb help in all grd stfs and is the only kit i use anymore since u cant drop and switch anymore.

for pvp no idea only rarely do it anymore and then just with friends, but i run 17 alts and have have not had a problem using this build for any pve fun

At the end of the day all that really matters is that u had a fun time while playing the game so enjoy

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Originally Posted by henrik68 View Post
I mean as an engineer you seem to have a little more survivability as i have observed in STF's and such?
Engineers have a lot of survivability in Space and on the Ground. Mainly due to Reroute Power to Shields (Ground) and Rotate Shield Frequency (Space).

Unlike Sci and Tacs, they don't get any damage resistance debuffs. They do have a few skills that increase their damage output though.

Space: (i) Nadion Inversion - reduces weapons energy drain from skills, including the amount reserved during multiple energy weapons fire. (ii) EPS Power Transfer - increases all energy levels, including weapons, for 30 seconds. (Note that both these skills will only buff your Energy Weapon damage over time, not allow you to deal large amounts of spike damage... and Projectiles and Mines will be unaffected.)

Ground: (i) Support Drone Fabrication - summons a fairly hardy drone that will heal and buff you and inflict debuffs + damage on enemies (ii) Orbital Strike - large AoE spike damage attack.


Concerning builds:

In space you can either use Engineers to stack with a ship's existing strengths (e.g. make a VERY hardy Cruiser) or cover its weaknesses (e.g. make an Escort that can take a fair amount of punishment). Both are viable, but remember that it's possible to have "wasted" amounts of survivability, and that you'll never do as much damage as a Tac in the same ship.

My own preference would be to combine an Engineering Captain with a Tactical-heavy ship to turn that ship into a hybrid DPS/Tank, and then set myself up to hold the attention of enemies on teamed space missions (the aim being to become survivable enough to weather the enemy's damage, whilst still possessing enough damage output to hold their attention - many people in this game forget the "hold their attention" part of tanking!!). An Engineer in an Escort can be built to do slightly more damage, and be slightly less survivable than a Tac in a Cruiser. Both make very good tanks, but in my opinion the Engineer is a bit more useful to a team - particularly if "Miracle Worker" is kept until you really, really need it. However all this assumes that your team actually needs a tank... most PUGs will, but some premades won't.

On the ground, there are usually three flavours of Engineers: Fabrication Specialists (Focussing on multiple Turrets/Mortars/Drones), Demolition Specialists (Mines and Bombs) or Healers/Buffers (Quite Rare, focusses on Shield Heals and DPS buffs from "Diagnostic Engineer" DOFFs, and possibly uses Nurse DOFFs in conjunction with 'Combat Supply')

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To echo maelwy5 a bit her advice is rock solid. Engineers in space to tend to work best (for PvE) in tac heavy ships. I prefer to use beam boats due to the synergy between Nadion Inversion and EPS Power Transfer with Beam Overload and Fire at Will as 7 beams all firing at 120ish power deal pretty high damage for the duration of the abilities. They also synergise pretty well with Rapid Fire but in my personal experience work better with beams especially when paired with an Epower to Weapons rotation to boost weapon power over the cap.
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Man, bump all the talk about builds - that's you playing someone else's toon. It's not *yours* if you copy someone else work Don;t get me wrong, they are helpful to see what others have done ... but what you see if what they are doing for *their* game.

I don't PvP (in any game), but I can share this opinion of it: however you play the game, PvP is playing the game differently.

I'm also not convinced that playing X career demands you use X ship. It's true that ships favor the career, but I disagree that you should or have to use them. Having said that, you have an idea about what you want to do in the game and I have the impression you will need to make some choices. For example, if you want to do a lot of damage, but simply put, Engineers and Science do not do the output that Tactical can do. So maybe you should refine that desire?

EDIT - word choice
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Many thanks to all, that information most certainly gives me lots to think about!

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