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First of all, why have you removed the number of players currently in a que from the que system? Now when we jump in a que we don't know how many players are currently qued up, is it just me? or 3 or 4 people? The problem is, without knowing this info, it could just be me, one person sitting in the que forever waiting, however, if I knew this info, I could back out and join another que or do something else until there are a few people in the que. Bring back the number of people visible in a que when you que up for STFs.

Second, there are currently a lot more ways to gain Romulan Marks than there are Omega Marks. On New Romulus there are lots of ways to get 1, or 5, or more Romulan Marks by doing little things. However, there aren't as many ways to get Omega Marks. There needs to be mor of a balance of ways to get Romulan Marks and Omega Marks, basically, beef up and give us more ways to get Omega Marks.

Third, we need more ways to get Dilithium, perhaps adding Dilithium as a reward for the "Tau Dewa Sector Patrol" would be warranted. You get some Dilithium for the Tholian Red Alert, but why not the Sector Patrol mission daily? Right now it rewrads Romulan Marks, but IMO it should also reward some Dilithium. In fact, if you can add Dilithium to even more things, that would be great, you are increasing the cost of things with Dilithium, but not giving us new or more ways to earn it. That needs to be balanced.

Just some Balancing issues mainly, that need to be addressed, and give us that visible amount of players in a que back please!!
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