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# 1 Why the heck
11-04-2012, 01:16 PM
Why the heck are there millions of militant evil Romulans, Tholians, and fill-in-the-blank on New Romulus? The Romulans and Remens on that planet all want reunification. So WHY are they roaming the countryside and trying quite repeatedly to kill any player that gets near them? Quite dangerous, too.

Further, WHY THE HECK do they have instant cloak generators on their person? They should not have this. They are not Jem'Hedar. They do not have shroud. Instead, if they take a certain amount of damage they cloak, and CONTINUE to kill you from cloak. You cannot target them or even see a shimmer, a hint of where they are. Plasma damage and other elements do not disrupt this cloak. Meanwhile they are shooting you repeatedly. I got killed twice by some stupid NPC that was cloaked. Why? There's no reason they exist. There's no reason they should be on New Romulus, let alone have BS cloaks that remain 100% effective at all times and allow them to return fire constantly.

On top of it, almost ALL of the "ground missions" (let's call them that) are tediously grindy. I don't know how long I had to wait to get 100% of my "bug spray" mission, but it was probably close to 20 swarms' worth. All the other stuff was just as grindy. And the fact you have to go to each transporter and store your pattern was an idiotic waste of my time. It's a site to site transporter, just throw us a frickin' bone and let us get where we need.

I really think it's a step in the wrong direction. It's more annoying than KOTOR1 in regards to ground missions chaining and spawning off each other. To top it off, most areas are locked off until you unlock reputation levels.

Which I will not do. I won't donate 1 iota of resources to the reputation system. They want butt-loads of commodities and dilithium on top of that!

It's a bad mistake, the way New Romulus has been modeled. I will not play your "make up excuses to force players to grind" game, and will continue on the few remaining avenues of fun in this game. And they are few and dwindling, I might add.

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