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Lt. Commander
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Like the title says I am trying to make a good carrier build so far I use

Deflector: Borg Retro
Impulse: Borg Retro
Shields: Borg Retro

Fore Weapons: 2 Phaser beam array (Borg) and Tricobalt launcher (Borg)
Aft weapons: 3 Phaser Beam array (borg)

Eng Consoles: RCS accelerator Mk XI (rare), Field Emitter MK X (very rare), Plasma Manifold MK XI (rare)
Sci Consoles: Particle Generator Mk XI (rare), Biofunction Monitor Mk XI (Very rare), Graviton Generator Mk XI (rare), and Assimilated Module
Tac Consoles: Phaser Relay Mk XI (rare) and Directed energy manifold MK XI (rare)

Hanger: Type 10 shuttles, Advanced Danube Runabouts, or Advanced Peregrine Fighters (all depends on which mission I am playing)

Just wondering if there are other build geared more towards DPS or Tanking

Join date: January 2010

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