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# 1 Infected ground
11-04-2012, 08:12 PM
I am assuming the normal version of stfs is so people can learn the encounters? I unfortunately picked up an elitist in my random group, he belonged to some fleet with elite in their name. I wish I could name names but I believe thats against forum policy. Anyways we got to the Borg queen got wiped a few times. Once we figured things out it went smoothly. The only problem was the elitist wasnt helping the group and then left. Which left us a man down. My question is does the respawn timers for the npcs in that room speed up each time you kill them? We actually made it to the boss fight when we were hit with a mass respawn on all sides. Needless to say we died quickly.

Any tips on this last room would help thanks Yes I know a website or two could give me a whole page of tips. This being said practical knowledge of people who have done it, can help more then a 100 websites.

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