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# 1 STO love and hate
11-05-2012, 02:57 AM
Let me just start by saying the new content is very interesting and it will be wonderful to get a chance to really enjoy it on holodeck. Now onto the problem, over time something has been creeping up onto STO, starting as a mild occasional consideration but gradually growing worse and worse. As new content has been added, its growth accelerated. Now this monster has become so bloated that it obstructs gameplay. This problem is inventory management. It is a sad practical side of life... which should not be emulated by a video game intended for diversion. There are so many unnecessary inventory-currencies in the game that I'm left choosing between cool equipment and the dozens of inputs needed for acquiring even more cool equipment. We need either a significantly elevated bank space, a change in the way currencies are handled so as to no longer be inventory items, or for more currencies to be collapsed and amalgamated. I would suggest that seeing as how underdeveloped the research side of STO is, that the two dozen some research currencies be amalgamated until the inventory issues are addressed and research/exploration is overhauled.

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