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Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
i would use the fleet recon for comparison. they are both ships you pay for and the fleet recon shares the console layout of the tac vesta. they have the same turn but the vesta has less shield (1.35 vs 1.43) and hp (27800 vs 29700).
in the boff layout the vesta wins of course. which choices for the universal stations will prove useful remains to be seen but having a choice is always nice.

well DHC's do nice dmg but i think a major part are abilities life CRF. now you don't have that many tac stations unless you want your lt cmdr tac. in that case you are kind of an escort with less dps i suppose. kind of like a mvae with less dps and a bit more sci.
3 DHC's with CRF1 and 4 tac consoles, well i don't know how much dmg that is but with a fleet recon you could have 3 DBB with BO2 with 4 tac consoles which should also produce a little spike dmg.
also if you use DHC's you loose your targeting subsystem unless you choose to run something like 2 DHC 1 DBB or maybe one beam in the rear and just turn to use them.

as for the pets.... well i dont get why the vesta has pets AND 10 consoles.
remove one tac console form each variant or remove the hangar bay and i think it would be fine

you can use 2 Atb on this ship with a LTC eng. this will likely double this ships threat. your COM and LTC sci ability at its global cooldown, CRF1 at its global, EPtS&A at their global, HE and TSS at their global, with runabout pets and DHCs. the nebula can do similar, but the vesta takes it to a whole new level.
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