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11-03-2012, 11:38 AM
Posted this in another thread, but this one didn't exist at the time (or, at least, I didn't see it):

The "Tholian Red Alert" daily mission seems to be bugged, at least during the time I played it. I would join via the "Red Alert" tab, fight for what seemed like ages, receive the flyby "Tholian Red Alert Daily Complete," even get that confirmation from the BOff, then...nothing - it does not show as complete. That was way too much time to spend (some of these battles are FAR too long, especially those that come in waves) with VERY little payout, and then to find out it didn't complete.

Also, every time I try to enter a deep space encounter, I see my ship enter, but then get the "Well done, Admiral" message from my BOff saying I have finished "the mission" - without seeing a single enemy ship. No payout, no credit there, either.

Finally, in the other new daily mission in 'New Romulus' space, there really is a lot of time spent for not much. In two of the missions we went through wave upon wave of enemy ships or long "storyline" aspects - all to the tune of 45 minutes or more and...only filled 35% of the total necessary for completion.

I know there are folks who get on and play for hours, but as you have admitted yourselves: you know most of us are more casual players. Honestly, I don't have 6 hours a day to spend fighting the same ships or herding space slugs (Gekli); sorry!

Please either shorten the duration of the missions, or make each mission worth more, percentage-wise.

PLEASE listen to the player base regarding problems (not the ridiculous and overly cosmetic suggestions, but the mechanical and functional ones) and make the truly necessary tweaks and changes BEFORE launch this time! Season 6 was a real train wreck for the first half of its life, but there was so much feedback about problems we saw during testing that a good deal that came along with the live launch could have been avoided.

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11-05-2012, 10:01 AM
I think the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol daily is way too long... It seems to take too many missions to complete in order to get the 60 Marks.

Some missions appear to advance progression of the objective more than others, which doesn't bother me all that much, but with no indication as to which missions are worth more than the others there will be a lot of trial and error to figure out which ones I want to play and whether the effort is worth the reward.

Since this is a Daily, I don't think it should take more than 4 missions, tops, to complete it. Either reduce the number of missions (I'd be fine with adjusting the reward lower to compensate) or dramatically increase the rewards to make it worth doing 5-6 missions.

I did not complete the mission where I am supposed to take artifacts away from the Tholians. I was a Sci Officer in an Oddy (my first mistake) playing solo (my second mistake) and I only managed to get one artifact before I gave up. This is definitely the hardest one I've tried so far and it doesn't seem worth the effort when there are easier missions to claim the same reward (Marks).

In the missions where we are supposed to defeat 5 groups, I liked the fact that the opposition comes in waves instead of having to fly from group to stationary group. I thought these were challenging and fun to play.

I agree that the patrol mission should award both Dilithium and Romulan Marks.
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11-06-2012, 09:22 AM
Apologies for me taking so long to write my feedback on the new sector block.

Now before I forget:

First of all (and I think I saw someone mention it), some patrols advance the "Patrol Tau Dewa" mission more than others. Most seem to give 20% towards the objective, while at least one (sadly didn't notice which one, just saw the result of having less %) only gives 15%.

Unless it's only some glitch, it would seem better to have it fixed at having to do 5 patrols of your choice to complete the mission. You don't end up in a situation where you finish your supposed last patrol and end up receiveng less than the expected amount of completion %.

If some patrols don't warrant the 20%, then consider adding one of the respective objectives.

Now onto one patrol I had some trouble with. It's either the Pheben or Beta Lankal system patrol, the one where you install a quarantine by launching satellites and then disabling a couple freighters.

The problem was I had to get to a complete stop to launch a satellite (not that bad albeit annoying in a low "inertia" cruiser), which combined with the fact I was only allowed to launch a satellite in a very small zone (much smaller than the circles shown in the map) made it very bothersome.

Well, that's about it. The other (more or less fighting) patrols were fact paced, fun (was pleasant to see the Enterprise come and help once). Nothing to report there.

All in all, nice mission. If only it rewarded the player in any meaningful way (marks are not an attractive reward).
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11-06-2012, 09:30 AM
i have stopped playing the new rom missions/sector due to having a bucket load of rom marks and the rep system taking so long , on my way to teir 3 but at 40 hours per project it is getting old tbh . dont get me wrong the new stuff is great and all but it is to long winded for me
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# 55 Tau Dewa Red Alert
11-07-2012, 06:19 PM
I find that even with a good team of 5 this mission is nearly impossible to beat. it is way over powered and you can't really tell the support gourps form the main group this needs to be made more like the borg red alarts where you fight the first batch of lesser groups then you have the boss group or ship come in.
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11-08-2012, 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I think the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol daily is way too long... It seems to take too many missions to complete in order to get the 60 Marks.
agreed.. Why change the sequence like the other Sector Patrols which were complete 3 rounds.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post

Tau Dewa Normal Deep Space Encounter:

Tholian ships in the DSE was spamming (literally) the Tholian Web and their disables was far too frequently for a solo player. Suggest adding a temporary counter proc so it cant be done one after another. Currently you literally need at least 2 Engineering Teams the way they disable.

Also, the Flagship was TOUGH! With just me (in a Regent), it was shrugging off damage. With an Odyssey helping me, after 5 minutes we got it down to 80%. It wasn't til 2 Escorts zoned in that we defeated it.

Most definitely the Flagship is super tough. Maybe not make it Level 53. I know I couldn't defeat it because of either the fast cool down for fighter/ship launches kept bogging me down.

Also, whatever weapon they are hitting me with but it kept draining my Weapon power to Zero. I kept getting hit with that like every 10 seconds. Their disuptor torpedos spammed constantly.

Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post

Tau Dewa Normal Deep Space Encounter:

BTW, need that DSE clock back so we know when the zone resets.
For the Love of God---Bring back the clock.. I never knew why it was removed after Season 1 or 2. The clock was very helpful to have.
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11-09-2012, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I think the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol daily is way too long... It seems to take too many missions to complete in order to get the 60 Marks.
I like that you made several different patrol missions. I really enjoyed the diplomatic one :-)

But the Patrol daily really takes to long. If you have to fight with a engie in a cruiser it takes even longer -.- (Yeah , I know that I just could get some escorts for the dailys xD)

Is it possible to disable the starbase with an engineer on a AC?

The Leviathan from the Tolians in the Azure Nebula is tough and hard hitting. I like that. But a lot of the casual players will just be victims.
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11-09-2012, 03:34 AM
Timesinks are awesome. Please add more!
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11-09-2012, 05:24 AM
I'm personally not that much a fan of the percentage-based advancement...

I understand somewhat why it's this way - the percentage seemingly is based on how long it takes to do the mission & the "effort" required - a "3 clicky" diplo mission tends to give 10%-15% while a 10-ship combat tends to give 20%...

What I can't figure out (and haven't done a ton of them to confirm/test), is if this percentage system also takes into account class and actual time invested - does the escort take a slight percentage hit if he CSVs through the space squads quicker than a cruiser ever could dream of? If it's 100% for 1.25 hours of play, can going AFK in one mission give up to 80% completion?

I think it's purely based on time and this is why I don't like it - I vaguely remember on one test I had 2 squads of "tier 1" Frigates that my Recluse trapped in a GW and pummeled with BFaW, completing the mission in a scant few minutes, and only got 15% while the combats where the squads don't die within the timeframe of a GW were the ones that liked to pay me 20%...

I shouldn't be "penalized" on mission completion rates because I have an "optimized" build for something - especially since it's hard to optimize for certain things (I'd love to see someone "optimized" for diplomacy, how do you click the trivia answer quicker?) while other things (space combat?) one can "optimize" for just by ship selection - Escort anyone? Or things like my science that can chew up frigates (via CC abilities) but has some issues with cruisers?
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In Deep Space contact engage the enemy there aren't any enemy ships to engage at all, what the frack?

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