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I purchased a few of the Fleet Ship Reinforcements over the last little while in the game. Today I used the Intrepid Reinforcements, 3 intrepid class ships warp in and fly around at full thrusters, and every now and again they would finally make it to the bad guys to shoot a few shots and then they would be flying around at full thrsuters trying to follow me.

I LOVE that these guys dont disappear after 15 seconds like the holo ships you get with the science ship.

I was doing the Save the transport fleet mission.

2 things:

1) Is there ANY way you can make these ships Full impuse towards you when there shields drop after combat ? there utterly useless after you call them and they just thruster around slowly.

2) What about integrating a Teird system for Fleet Re enforcement, Each tier unlocks a re enforcement power that they can use Ei: torpedo spread, cannon rapid fire, FULL IMPULSE
or whatever.

I kinda wanna see them have more use in fleet combat.

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