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# 1 Future non-Borg Space STFs
11-05-2012, 05:03 PM
Future non-Borg space STFs

With "The Hive" finally rounding up the Borg arc and many of us sick to the back teeth of the Borg, how about a Space STF with another faction.

Say the Breen, Dominion or the Tholians.

Also how about making it a bit more expansive and involved, like the ground maps. Lets face it, the space maps are very straight forward and. Now I understand there's is a problem, given how ground maps are contained, have walls and can guide the player, while spacemaps are 3-dimensional and the player mostly has total free movement with nothing to impede them.

One way to get around this is to have it take place in a super "structure", say something like V'Ger, a Dyson sphere, a huge asteroid (like in TNG "The Pegasus"), the Vault(but for cruisers) or some giant space monster.

Super structure:-
Scenario: An immense starship is hurtling through Omega Leonis on a course that will take it through the Qo'noS system and eventually the Sol system. All attempts by the KDF to repel the invader were repulsed, leading the high council to demand assistance from Task Force Omega.

After intercepting it while it was traveling through a nebula, the task force manage to cause enough damage to breech the hull, allowing a small number of ships inside.

Section 1 (the Antechamber): Traveling through a tunnel clearing mobs. Ships include tric-firing fighters, numerous frigates with tractor beams, escorts armed with dual heavy cannons using cannon rapid fire 2&3 and subnucleonic beam, cruisers armed with DHCs using torp spread 3, attack pattern alpha and extend shield 2&3 as well as assorted universal console powers (not isometric charge). All ships apart from the fighters and frigates will be using 2x emergency power to shields and 2x tactical team.

Optional 1: Someone with a small enough ship (a shuttle) flies into a small 5km long "mouse hole" (obviously the shuttle will be obscured due to the camera). At the end of the "mouse hole" is a node which they can use to hack the internal defense systems causing them to fire upon the mobs. This'll make section 1 very quick and easy, but the inclusion of a shuttle will make the rest of the mission very hard.

Optional 2: Secure the super structure within a certain timeframe.

Section 2 (high security): The team must work their way through a tunnel while being shot at by force field protected heavy weapon turrets (say tetryon type with a proc that can reduce shields by 8000). 4 members of the team must disable a power relay near each turret to disable it shields. Since the disable action can be interrupted, it's upto the remaining team member to aggro the turret and tank it.

First turret is alone, second turret has a hanger bay spawning tric-firing fighters, third turret is defended by a mob of frigates and escorts.

Section 3 (break in): The team must split up and head to 5 different chambers so they can disable a forcefield that's preventing them from proceeding. In their chamber they beam down an away team to a control station to sabotage the forcefield. When they all do that a timer starts to countdown and they must all survive a mob, with nodes popping a weak charged particle burst (to prevent someone spending the whole time cloaked). A single death here will lead to mission failure (hence the problem with the shuttle).

Section 4 (command centre): Destroy the four cruisers casting extend shields on the command centre as well as their escorts. Once these ships are destroyed (they respawn over time) the command centres shields will have low enough resistance for you to breech them with enough firepower.

The command centre casts 5km antimatter spread and viral matrix just prior to it using it's instakill lance attack (an attack like Donatra's).

Free flight:-
Scenario: The Breen have joined forces with the Crimto in an effort to launch an invasion into Deferi controlled space. With the threat of the Tholians, the Borg and the recent Dominion incursion, both Starfleet and the Klingons feel this is a mission suited to the expertise continually shown by Task Force Omega. The task force's first target will be a renegade Ferengi junkyard, which is supplying the Breen with a constant stream of spare parts and material.

Section 1 (alien junk yard): Defeat mobs of second hand ships and finally disable the war-mongering Ferengi to get information and the command codes for all the junked ships.

When this is done your team beam over a skeleton crew to a selection of ships (Scimitar, Galaxy-X, Dominion battleship). The effectiveness of each ship varies depending on the player who interacted with it.
A player with Tier 4 military will give the ship a weapons buff.
A player with Tier 4 Engineering will the ship a damage resist buff.
A Player with Tier 4 Science will enable the ship to cast SNB.

Section 2 (assault): You team splits up. Three players attack three seperate installations around the star system to act as decoys, pulling the three battleships away from the space station to each of the smaller installations. Meanwhile the remainder of your team leads the junk ships on an assault of a space station.

If a decoys disengages from combat with a battleship (or the player is destroyed), the battleship will then warp right back to the space station making things massively more difficult for those leading the assault.

Once the assault is successful your team secure the location of the enemy build up and warp to the next location.

Section 3 (build up): The construction yard is surrounded by a tachyon detection grid. The only way to reach it without attracting the attention of the base's lance is to fly between "terrain", such as asteroids and hacking nodes in the net. Any ship that strays from the path will get insta-killed by the bases lance. Along the way you've got to take out any ship (mostly tanking cruisers) before they have a chance to sound the alarm.

Finally once you reach the contruction yard, it'll start spawning Breen cruisers (SNB, tractor beam, cannon rapid fire 1&2, beam overload and the normal bread and butter tanking skills) and Crimto cruisers (metaphasic shields, fire at will, attack pattern alpha and beta, aceton beam, bread and butter tanking skills). The base is armed with turreted polaron dual heavy cannons [acc]x4, transphasic cluster torps and transphasic torps and casts extend shields 3, hazard emitters 3 and engineering team 3.

Anyone got any of their own ideas?
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11-05-2012, 05:29 PM
Fek'lhri (or however it's spelled). They have some of the best missions and unique maps in the game! Maybe the Feds and Klingons could go into the underworld to talk to Kahless on how to reunite the factions, meeting incredible opposition along the way.

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