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(This is a long post btw.)

Down in the Tribble section, a Dev, Branflakes I believe, said that they are discussing possible changes to the modifiers we have currently. I thought about posting this down there, but felt it was a good enough idea to post on it's own.

DMG, as it stands, is generally considered by most, to be the worst modifier in space (and not that good in ground a lot of the time). Acc allows things to hit more often (and usually the best for PvP), CrtH of course improves the chance to land a critical hit (generally the best in PvE scenarios), and CrtD is pretty much the, 'if you have no other choices, at least get CrtD', since it adds more damage when something does critical.

Dmg though...just adds a tiny amount of damage, with little other gain.

Here is my proposal:

Make Dmg, or rather, each damage modifier, act as an extra hit. The same energy type (or kinetic, if applicable), would be applied for each extra Dmg modifier.

(as a note, all the numbers I am about to post are purely for example purposes, and not really meant for a true 'in-game scenario' or anything. In other words, totally made up for the purpose of this explanation)

So...take a Dual Heavy Cannon, with the energy type of X. So let's say this base damage of the DHC is...200 (before modifiers, weapon power, etc). In turn, this DHC has...Acc, and DmgX2.

The acc, as it stands now, wouldn't change, however, the two Dmg modifiers, would add an extra, small hit, still of energy type X. Say...25 damage each, at base. These extra hits would be calculated same as the normal shot, with modifiers and weapons power, along with any other appropriate buffs.

So...the DHC fires (again let's just go with 200 damage), and hits for 200, than the extra hits would happen at the exact same time, for 25 each, for a total of 250 now per cannon shot, if it didn't miss or get a critical. Now the extra shots accuracy would be taken from the main shot, so if it misses, they all miss.

These aren't procs though, like Phasers knocking off a subsystem, it'd hit with the normal damage, or it'll miss along with the normal damage, no real middle ground. In turn, they would not add extra proc chances.

If that couldn't be coded easily, than yes, each individual small extra bit of damage could be calculated separately for acc. Again, no extra proc chances, just only extra damage.

Here is a real example of how it could make something effective:

Quad Phaser/Disruptor Cannons. Useful to level with, but generally not as useful outside of that. If my idea was put in, those would gain four extra, small hits of 25 at the minimum, allowing them to hit VERY hard if buffed considerably.

Torpedoes would work the same way. If a Torpedo did 2,000 damage, the Dmg modifier might add...250 damage, so if it had DmgX3, that could be an extra 750 damage, before buffs.

Mines, same thing, but because of their 'spammy' nature, the bonus would be smaller per mine to better balance them out, say 75 damage per mine as an example.

What would this mean for gameplay?

To start, it would affect PvP...well, I'm not entirely sure. I'm still a bit new to it, so a more major PvPer would have a better idea on this. I might make a post in the PvP forums, see what they might think.

However, it'd be a big, and useful change for PvE though. Adding extra hits for the Dmg modifier would make beam arrays and single cannons a greater usage, because of the huge DPS fest most end-game content is.

Tacs in escorts would still be DPS kings, but cruisers would have a harder punch to them, if they added a guaranteed 75+ (again, only example numbers) damage with each shot. Cruisers and sci ships wouldn't always feel completely 'left behind' in damage, without putting them on par with a tac.

In turn, DmgX3 or even at least X2 weapons would be much more useful, the most obvious ones being the Advanced (and eventually Elite) Fleet Space weapons.

So, thoughts, comments, questions, ideas?


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