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I've not seen any discussion of the unlockable rewards for the Romulan Reputation system so I thought I'd start one here even though Season 7 probably isn't far away. I'll start with the rewards I've unlocked and am familiar with, and hopefully others will add what they know as I'm sure there are those that are farther along in the system than I.

Tier 1:

Romulan Plasma Pistols Mk XI:
- Despite the name of the unlock there is only one type of pistol unlocked, the Romulan Wide Beam Plasma Pistol. There are six different versions of this one pistol, differentiated by modifier, and it has [CritX] modifier that was introduced with the Fleet Starbases.

Romulan Plasma Rifles:
- Again, only one type of rifle unlocks, this one the Romulan Plasma High Density Beam Rifle. Again, it has six different versions, differentiated by modifier and several of the them have the [CritX] modifier.

Romulan Plasma Assault Weapons:
- One type of weapon unlock. The Romulan Plasma Assault Minigun. Six versions, different modifiers including the [CritX].

While I've unlocked all three of these store additions I've only actually played with the Minigun and it's a fun weapon to use on New Romulus, and given my own preference for High Density Beam Rifles (as long it's not the clunky looking Phaser version anyway) I'm fine with this being one of the unlocks. What I am disappointed in is the lack of variety in weapons offerings. Yes the three offered are fun, but why not add at least some of the other weapons types such as the stun pistol or split beam rifle. Would it really have been that difficult to add a blast assault or pulsewave assault as well as the minigun?

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