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# 1 <Roleplaying> The 95th Fleet.
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We are a Federation fleet

Starbase 1812 ''Winchester'' is under construction in the Beta Quadrant on space, deep in Romulan Territory. This station is to be used as an outpost and help improve relations with the Romulans.
Starfleet are weary of the Romulans and their plans, that is why the U.S.S. London of the 95th Fleet has been assigned as support during the construction and operation of Starbase Winchester.

What can I expect if I join the 95th Fleet?

* Plot line driven roleplay
* Immersive atmosphere attempting to recapture the spirit of the shows
* Advance your rank in character
* Character development
* Experienced leadership which comes from a variety of MMORPG's
* Exploration and military based roleplay, an unexplored area of the Beta Quadrant which may bring many interesting planets and dangers.
* A constantly changing Starbase based on the story and it's interaction with the Romulans and the surrounding systems.

How do I join and what do you expect from me?

*The 95th fleet expects all enlisted officers to start at a lower rank, Ensign. But you may choose to play as a Civilian, this brings you your own freedom, but there will be no rank progression within the fleet.
* We expect you to be active and interact with the rest of your crew on a regular basis.
* We expect you understand the basics of roleplay, we can teach you the rest if you're willing to listen.
* Our Roleplay is character driven, so alot of our RP will be initiated by our members. Scheduled events may occur in the future.
* We expect you to keep in character and out of character seperated.
* We have no standard application process, it'll probably be an informal short out of character talk, then an in character interview.
* Applications vary and so does the joining process, if you have a unique character feel free to be creative.


The 95th Fleet has been created for an immersive atmosphere, one that constantly changes and adapts based on the story and plot lines that take place; players will primarily serve as part of a crew and interact with each other through narration and foundry missions.

Refering back to the Civilian Role: We also have room for atmospheric characters such as traders, smugglers, chefs, bartenders and generic roles that need to be filled, if you have a unique concept feel free to run it by us

If you want to know anything in specific, please send a message to one of our contacts in game.


Love long and prosper.

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