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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post

But I am interested in your Reman set idea. I don't have it (don't like doing the Vault) on this toon, but when season 7 hits, I will look into it more. For now, I will still probably look at getting the Honor guard space set, at least as a different choice to go with, even if I don't use it. This is mostly for the torpedo damage bonus and aux power buff.
Get it now. The grind for the reman set will be horribly long once the reputation system goes live. You really need to win the Vault only three times to get both pieces of gear you need (its a 2 set piece bonus). I got both mk11 parts in one day.

Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I only use the chroniton with T:S1 at initial start in Ker'rat. I try to get out of the Fed ball as quickly as possible, while affecting their speed/turn rate. Beyond that, I only turn to fire when I'm waiting on my fore torpedoes to come off cooldown.

I only use the Plasma torpedo for the plasma burn to stack on my Hargh'Peng.

On my fore, I use Quantum, Bio-Neural, Breen Cluster, and Hargh'Peng, in that order. The only ability that works with my HY3 is the Quantums, and, according to your information, doesn't lose damage over distance?

In any case, I use the Quantum torpedoes to damage the shields enough for the Bio-Neural and Breen Cluster to do more hull damage. Hargh'Peng is for additional damage and DOT.

It works very well.
That does sound good. I was thinking you were using the same dual chroniton setup.

Heavy plasma is the only torp that loses damage over distance (5km+ its weak) unless you using the reman set.

Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I just use the 2 set KHG for the 25% torpedo bonus.

The only Sci console I have is the Flow Capcitors, for boosting my Tachyon Beam 3 and Aceton Assimilators.

My console layout is:
1) Eng = Neutronium Alloy x2, Assimilated Module
2) Sci = Flow Capacitors, Rule 62, Aceton Assimilators
3) Tact = Warhead Yield Chamber x3
The video I posted shows me using the tachyon beam. I was testing it. I realized its a waste as the shield drain is too weak (extremely weak) and the b'rel autocloak is put on hold while it is being fired and that got me killed more times than I cared for.

Note: Even if you maxed out on stealth skill (9) you still need to load 1 blue mk11 or better stealth module. NPCs and players will detect you at close range unless you have it. Without the console you will be fired upon by npc's at about 2km range.. with the console you can literally bounce off their hulls and not get detected.

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