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Today I was doing Fleet Starbase Defense and what was our enemy of choice? The Borg... That was bad enough but consider that what we have here are Borg ships Vs. folks in MIRANDAS! I was max level but there were a number who were not.

This happens all the time where you get low level folks in these missions and while it would be fine for them to team together at a lower level against lower level enemies it is very bad when they mix with higher level folks. No matter WHAT you do to boost a Miranda it will NEVER have the power of a lvl 50 in a Tier 5 ship. It will pop fast, deal next to no damage, and have no worthwhile support powers. So essentially you have allowed us to go into battle with ships that may as well not be there instead of actual helpers.

Now understand, this is not a rant against new players at all. It is not their fault they get teamed with higher level folks to battle these outrageous forces. There just NEEDS to be a level lock on these missions so that either everyone who does them NEEDS to be lvl 50 OR they will at least only get paired with folks in their same grade.

On a side Rant though... The enemy ships in these are stupid buffed. I mean I have flown a number of these Klingon ships and they are nowhere near that powerful. Isometric Charge is only that deadly after maxed Attack Pattern Alpha & Omega III with full Particle Generators when it has bounced to its limit as a for instance. The Bortasqu' is a very powerful and tough ship but it does not have shields that have 100's of thousands of hit points per facing that regenerate in the tens of thousands per click. I have never liked the "Cheating" enemy who is just OP for the sake of being OP. I do not mind the Borg being super vicious but can we maybe have the ships we can actually FLY behave the way ours do? Otherwise it begs the question why our ships are so much less powerful.

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