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07-17-2009, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by Rekhan
To this day Iím still a Richard Garriott and Raph Koster fanboy.
Fascinating to see how Tabula Rasa and SWG are now perceived in the gamerverse today, isn't it?

I'm just waiting for the day that Warren Spector makes a MMORPG...

...but maybe I shouldn't be.

Originally Posted by Rekhan
Which is cooler: monkeys, robots, pirates or ninjas?

Pirates. No discussion.
Originally Posted by Rekhan
In order of preference: baseball, college basketball, Premiership football, pro basketball, American football. (If youíre interested: Yankees/UNC/Manchester United/Knicks/Giants.)
What, you mean you don't root for the Pittsburgh Pirates?



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