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# 1 Omega Conversion crates rates
11-06-2012, 08:58 PM
Since I didn't see one of these up already.

Let's post your crate worth plus what the orginal values you had on holodeck were. Let's see if the math types can figure out the formula. As far as TTS can tell there's tiered levels.

I did two character copies to see.

2 rare armor, 1 rare psg, 163 edc, 39 rare salvage, 37 proto salvage.
Recived 3000 Omega marks, 13 BNPs, 4000 dilith ore

2 rare armor, 2 rare psg, 208 edc, 40 rare salvage, 46 proto salvage
Recived 3000 Omega marks, 13 BNPs, 4000 dilith ore

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