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# 1 STF Conversion Rate Feedback
11-06-2012, 11:14 PM
Since there's a thread on the actual STF "currency" conversion rates, I figured there needs to be a dedicated thread to the feedback of said crates.

WHile I've not checked my own toon (too late at night so will do it tomorrow), I am concerned with what I'm seeing.

In a Dev Blog forum post by Dan Stahl, it was said that our "purchasing power" would be the close to what it is under S6.


- The goal of the conversion is to retain "purchasing power" as close to what it was previously. We looked at the amount of items needed to obtain gear sets and set out to ensure that if you had enough items to get a specific gear piece or gear set, the conversion would be do its best to retain that purchasing power in the new system. Keep in mind that the way you obtain MACO/HONOR/OMEGA sets is going to be different because it will no longer be in a store, and will instead be via projects. So just having a conversion rate would not necessarily help you decide whether to cash out yet or not. The way you obtain dilithium and gear is changing in this system and you'll be able to see most of those changes on Tribble.
Okay, so the way I interpreted this was "Certain levels of Tech could become whatever it'll take to get them in the new system." I kind of figured EDCs = Omega Marks, Salvage = Dilithium and/or Borg Neural Processors, and Tech = enough of each material to get what would have been the related item.

However, here's what I'm seeing from the Conversion Rate thread:

Originally Posted by starfleetmaco View Post
[Rare Borg Shield Tech]x6

[Rare Borg PSG Tech]x5

[Rare Borg Weapon Tech]x3

[Rare Borg Engine Tech]x4

[Rare Borg Deflector Tech]x1

[Prototype Borg PSG Tech]x7

EDC x508

Got: 4000 omega marks, 15 neural processors, and 16k dil
To retain the purchasing power based on what the current Mk XII costs are, let's look at just the 7x Prototype Borg PSG Techs. This player should have received at minimum 7000 Omega Marks, 70 Borg Neural Processors, and 238,000 Dilithium. This is not counting the Rare techs and EDCs. Add in the 11 Rare techs for space stuff (Mk XI) and you get an additional 11,000 Omega Marks and 170,000 Dilithium.

Let me look at another player:

Originally Posted by inputend21 View Post
Character 1

354 EDC
5 Proto Deflectors techs
2 Proto Engine Techs
5 Proto Shield Techs
52 Proto Salvage

3500 Omega marks
15 Neural Processors
8K ore
That's a total of 12 Proto space set techs. That should be a minimum of 12000 Omega Marks, 120 Borg Neural Processors, and 408,000 Dilithium.

The same purchasing power? Hardly. It's not even enough to get what ONE proto tech could have gotten.

So I see you said "roughly" the same purchasing power. So take perhaps 10-20% off those numbers. Not exactly the same, but at least these players could pick up a few pieces from their converted techs.

Did we misunderstand what "retain purchasing power" meant?

You may need to re-define costs to match what your conversions gave, or else give a ton more than what's here.


It looks like you lied in that post from the Dev Blog thread, and that's bad for business in the long run.

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