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# 1 Difficulty Testing Rep System
11-06-2012, 09:02 PM
I joined Tribble over the weekend to test the new Rep System, but i have to say it's not been productive. I ran 2 STFs and completed my 1st 2 Rep System Projects, bringing me more than 1/2 to Tier 1. All i need for my next 2 projects, which will bring me to Tier 1 after the 40 hour wait time, is the Omega Marks. However, i've yet to be able to run an STF since then. I tried last night with no success, and tried again tonight with no success so far. I've been queued for the 3 old Normal Space STFs for over an hour without a single one engaging. Are STFs still being run? Is everyone running Romulan missions? Are STFs only being run on elite? If i cannot reach Tier 1 then i cannot truly experience the Rep System, making "testing" a moot point.

Also, and i may be mistaken about this, i was certain all i needed for my current "File Situation Report on the Status of the Borg Threat" was Omega Marks; i'd thought i had filled all the required Shield Generators and Industrial Energy Cells commodities, but when i logged on tonight i was short 50 Generators and 10 Energy Cells... were the requirements for the project increased in today's patch, or were some of my contributions lost in the patch? I have a vast abundance of Energy Cells, so i do not think it likely i accidentally put less than the full amount into the project.

It's now been nearly 1 1/2 hours that i've been queued, and still not a single engagement. I have to call it a night soon, because like many of us i have to work tomorrow, but i feel it's important to point out that if we are to test a new system then we need the means to actually test the system.
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# 2
11-06-2012, 11:25 PM
You can get omega marks from doing the missions in the defera invasion zone. The easy missions are easy to do by yourself, and if you've got good gear you should be able to do the medium ones by yourself too. That's how I got my tier 1 reputation; I have yet to do an STF on tribble.
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# 3
11-07-2012, 03:12 AM
The Problem is there not enough players testing on Tribble, i wanted to test the new fleet action but you never get 20 players to queue for that so i have to wait for Live to see the Bugs.

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