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11-06-2012, 12:53 AM
Short term

1. A fix for the problem that I can't rename costumes on my Caitian characters.
2. Increase dilithium refinement cap, or kill it altogether
3. Increase dilithium rewards, especially in light of S7 dilithium sinks.

Mid term

1. Have pets that result from saucer separation/mvam use the same weapons as the main ship, not the standard phasers and photon torps.
2. Ability to equip custom weapons to carrier pets
3. Defining the standard uniform for the entire ship crew

Long term

1. Flotilla System:
- Have bridge officers that are not assigned to stations/away teams command the the players old ships, to form a small flotilla, which would be fitting for a Vice Admiral.
- AI behaviour could be controlled by a gambit system, like that in Final Fantasy 12. E.g. "attack fleet leader's target", "if hull integrity below x %, hull heal ability", "if target's facing shield down, fire torpedoes", etc.
- Aquisition of these gambits could be tied into the crafting system, meaning you would have to spend resources and time to improve your flotilla's abilities and would make the crafting system useful even for VAs.
- The abilities of each ship in the flotilla would be limited to the commanding bridge officer's space abilities, giving more incentive to the player to develop bridge officers that are not actually used on the main ship.
- The total number of ships in the flotilla, player included, could be limited to 4, to prevent overpowering players who buy ship slots.

2. Ground Combat overhaul, e.g.
- customisable weapons (colour, material, shape, attachments),
- cover system (at least for the cover shield, so you can shoot from behind cover, possibly with decreased accuracy, while the shield absorbs all the damage.),
- a ground version of the above mentioned gambit system for away teams.
- Have the character and away team automatically use different player defined outfits for away missions than on the bridge, for the player character also depending on whether it is a combat map or not (one would still wear the bridge uniform at Spacedock and Starfleet Academy)
- Bosses in story missions should always drop at least a uncommon (green) equipment item, unique to the boss, on normal difficulty, and rare (blue) on elite, with purple equipment a very rare drop on elite diff. only. That would increase replayability of story missions.
- Add some voices to ground combat, like radio chatter, enemies shouting commands at each other, grunts, screams, moans, etc. Add some of those grunts and moans to the player character and away team, too.

3. Give a non-lethal option to Federation space combat, to only incapacitate enemy ships, for example by destroying the enemy bridge, demanding enemy surrender when their hull integrity is critical, with probability of success inversely proportional to enemy hull integrity, and affected by how many of not their subsystems are still online.
Players could then be rewarded for that by "looting" the disabled ship for a small amount of dilithium, prisoners, commodities like warp coils, replicators, etc. ripped from the ship, or in rare instances, a duty officer from that ship defecting to your crew, and a small, per-ship EC reward from Starfleet for taking the non-lethal approach.
For klingons, there could be a very rare chance to salvage the entire ship, which could then be sold to the ferengi for either ec or latinum

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short: 1.) Raise dilithium refining cap or remove it.

2.) Raise loot chance in dropboxes. For people
that can't always afford to buy keys in the
c-store, spedning 1m+ ec in the exchange
only to get an item worth 50k in the exchange
is frustraing, especially when this happens to
anywhere from 5-20 lockboxes in a row.
I can afford to buy c-store keys, btu not everyone can.
And why would i want to when the droprate is so low?
keys can be abught in the dilithium/zen exchange
but, look what it takes if you can't afford real-life
currency to buy master keys for lockboxes:

1 c-store master key = 125 zen
125 zen = 19,750 dilithium
19,750 x 20 lockboxes = 395,000 dilithium
395,000 dilithium @ 8k refinement cap
= Grand total of 49+ days farming dilithium
49 days farming dilithium compared to 500k to
*maybe* 2 million total ec exchange value is
NOT a good ratio. Makes some of us nto want
even try our chance at lockboxes. If droprates
weren't so incredibly low I wouldn't mind giving
up a few real-life things to spend the money
on c-store master keys.

3.) Fix the bug that has been around forever that when
you are in the middle fo a mission or episode and
you get kicked offline, when you log back on, you have
to start way at the beginnning of the mission/episode.
This sucks especially if you're running it in Elite mode
and it takes 5x times longer to get thru to the end only
to be knocked offline 1-2 minutes before the episode/
mission is done and have to restart way at the beginning.

Mid: 1.) Give fleet members missions for things like ship modules
and other fleet starbase-baught items that ahve a limited

2.) Make the dilithium store-baught transwarp coil permanent.
30k+ dilithium is a 3-4 day dilithium farm for a single use?

3.) Make it so the chief medical officer on yoru own personal
ship can not only heal you as captain/admiral but heal your
duty officers as well. For some reason, this not being so
just makes the game alot less realistic. It's nto a lazy thing,
because i can transwarp to Deepspace 9 or Earth Space Dock
and run to the Doctor NPC there and ti takes just as long to
do that as it does to visit my own bridge and run to my own
chief medical officer.

Long: 1.) Bring areas into the game that has enough hostile NPC's to kill
for experience and loot. I love hte mission/episode/STF aspects
of the game, but sometimes I simply want to go somewhere and
test / hone my skills against NPC's. Perhaps a few simple worlds
where you can touch down and start blazng away or die in a blaze
of enemy fire, or perhaps a single-player aspect of the entire STF
system woudl be even better. Knowing an STF inside and out
before you join a group for one (Especially an Elite STF) would
help prevent player from joining an STF and either getting his/her
group killed or ruining it for his/her group members by missing
timers etc, thsu making everyone else have to wait the 28 minutes
to have a try at it again, only to be grouepd once again with
another player that ahs no idea what to do in any certain STF.
This being enabled would give every player an opportunity to test
and hone thier own skills, thus making them a much more valuable
asset to a group.

2.) Help get rid of the *Run Around All Over The Place* burnout that
effects so many players in virtually EVERY MMO out there. A few
ways this could be done are:

A) Lower the timer on the console that enables players tocall an NPC
Trader freighter. More acces to the bank and exchange when in
an area that has no available starbase to land on would be nice.

B.) Like i stated above, make the Transwarp coil that give you ONE
choice of ten transwarp points that costs 30k+ dilithium via
the dilithium store and is SINGLE use a permanent ability, even
if you only get one permanent transwarp destination added per
use and have to buy 10 coils in order to have all 10 destinations
added to your transwarp menu.

c.) Get rid of the cooldown/reuse timer on the ability Transwarp to
Earth Spacedock and to First City.

3.) At least try to respond when a player petitions and asks for help. If
you, Cryptic, want more paid Monthly and Lifetime subscriptions,
and if you want us, the player community, to spend more money in
the c-store, then please meet us halfway in customer support.
History in many MMO's shows that if you don't support your
customer base, they will eventually stop supporting you. I have so
far petitioned on 3 different problems and have yet recieved no
response whatsoever on any of the 3. You have a really
awesome game here, with HUGE potential, so please don't ignore
the ones who basically sign your paychecks.
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Short term requests:
The same uniform for the whole crew.

Mid term requests:
1. More possibilities in quests. Why only to destroy and kill? The quests repeat and after a while they get boring.

After a defending a damaged ship, there could be the chance to beam to the ship, have a small chat with its captain or help him with repairs. Or to use tractor beam to bring the ship to safety. I can not imagine that captain Picard would defend a freighter and then leave and let it damaged in the space, open for other raiders.

The scientific quests are about beaming down to a planet in order to scan some debris. Maybe battle some invaders AND scan that debris and... it's the end. I am sorry for saying that, but it is unrealistic and boring.

For example, I beam to a planet with population on Stone age level, I really doubt I would beam down in my Starfleet uniform. The phaser or tricorder can be hidden, the whole outfit not. Klingons await me on the planet, but if I battle them as I do now, I could break the Primary Directive. I could try to sneak and eliminate them one by one, or find other possibilities, maybe beam them on my ship, directly to the brig. I find the debris/plants/anomalies and beam to my ship?s laboratory, where the job continues- to analyze the data, make a great discovery , or maybe I bring a sickness with me and infect my crew. So I have a find a cure.

2. Free time activities. Do Starfleet Captains have no free time? Time to read books, or captain's logs of completed missions, play an instrument, cook, or just play card/chess/do holodeck quests.

Long term requests:
1. Exploration. Many games are based on quests like- kill 20 something or bring me 30 ... however they have at least the freedom of running through the beautiful nature. Here I beam down to a planet without any fauna and run in a circle before I am blocked by an invisible wall. As a scientist I want to explore the space, beam to planets, meet other cultures, maybe help them to "kill 20 rabbits" or run through the near forest and make a list of healing plants, uncover the map and then save the new data in ship's database. Or I will search for a suitable flower for my first officer's birthday. While searching, scanning, killing the rabbits, something can drop for selling . My ideas sound maybe stupid, but a variety of quests makes the gameplay refreshing. And sometimes are the "stupid and childish" quests the funniest.

2. Used ship's interior. The ship so lively in the shows is only a dead place in the game. It always makes me sad when I walk through the corridors and see only puppets going up and down, with no possibilities to talk with them, give orders, or help repair a damaged console. I can not even sleep in my own bed after a long day, destroy the stupid antique alarm clock for waking me up in the morning or scold a bridge officer for not waking me up.
Within the ship's interior I would add a lab with a database for all my exploration, maybe Astrometrics like it was on Voyager, with information about all planets I visited, anomalies, species, their culture and history. During the long journeys everyone could choose whether to watch the ship flying, or prepare for the mission by reading.

I think I only repeat what others already said, please make Star Trek online a Star Trek game. For now it is only a science fiction online game that bears the name of a great show. New ships, a new playable race or great PVP are nice, but these or similar things can be found also in other MMORPGs.

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Long term:
Expansion of systems and more socially accessable planets. Not just empty shells but planets and settlements we can interact with.

An improved chat system, that can filter certain things you want/don`t want!

More races to play with i.e Romulan/Borg, with specific PvE actions and a episode based campaign.

More ships to get as freebies when we rank up, we want to be able to get refits and other ships without spending an arm and a leg!

Mid term: fleet vs fleet actions!!

Short term: maintance of the servers!
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Originally Posted by stargazer918 View Post
Long term:
Expansion of systems and more socially accessable planets. Not just empty shells but planets and settlements we can interact with.

An improved chat system, that can filter certain things you want/don`t want!

More races to play with i.e Romulan/Borg, with specific PvE actions and a episode based campaign.

More ships to get as freebies when we rank up, we want to be able to get refits and other ships without spending an arm and a leg!

Mid term: fleet vs fleet actions!!

Short term: maintance of the servers!
must say i agree whole heartily to this with a few added things.

Since we have gotten and maybe will get more races, i dont see a reason NOT to be able to change race, to buy a new race only to HAVE TO start all over again makes races very little wanted.

and remove this forum posting restriction, im a veteran player and have before posted alot before, strange enough it stood last login 1969 XD but now it says im restricted to only answer posts until 10 days after registration which now is since f2p was availible and i still cant post new threads
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Sorry,i dont read all the text before me, but here is my requests:

1.: Unique ship interior/layout options (like in orion ship, i dont want to see a klingon red smoky enviroment..etc.) and fleet retrofits can be customized without own the original one
(like i say, i tryd to customize my fleet corsaire, but i cant, because i have to pay 1500 zen to buy the original...). oh and almost forgot, customize the "walking people" in your corridors(ratio is enought, choose the faction races and make how much % you wanted walk around your corridor...etc.) + why not our duty officers when they are not in misson walk there?...

2.: Fleets why not own a planet and customize it (terraforming...etc.) + daily fleet missions there(like borg invasion and have to defend it...etc.).

3.: famouse race homeworlds, i want to get there or see how its looks like + race specific equipments, cloths purchace...etc.

some +:
- ships bridge stations be upgradable(mean a station may uppgradable ensing to commander)

- more room to resarch, we only have combat oriented ones, why not quest or fleet action ones( example: where you have to research and invent data key to get in an alien base or ruin)?

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11-09-2012, 10:08 AM
Can we have a Q Double Rep weekend when season 7 starts i have not seen one in a long while.
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1. Stop mail system sending duplicate mail to account when they have more than one character in a fleet. I'm amazed that this still happens after all this time.

2. Tractor beams on every ship and tractor beam objectives. Not strong, maybe the highest strength could be Captain level so that level 50 players can't use them in PvP or in Elite STF.

Give players the tractor beam to play with as soon as they play the game without needing to find or train boff. I think this is more Trek because it is such an iconic technology.

3. Territory game but not Faction v Faction, I think that is going to bring this game more problems than it is worth. Feds and Klingons playing together like in STF against elite level NPC is what I want.

That way the territories can be anywhere in the galaxy against any race and NPC does not sleep so the fight will be constant. The more territory players take the more rewards for players who took part.

I also think they should avoid territory battle if our Starbases are not involved. Would like to see the ability to use doffs through territory related assignments and contribute resources much like we do in our bases. How this effects the battle I'm not sure, it could be that when take and hold lets say a planetoid. We will need a pre-prepared package of resources and manpower to build a mining facility.

I'm sure Cryptic have thought about it. I just fear they go down the road of faction v faction and create another type of PvP which we all know does not work well in this game.
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Playable Romulan D'Daridex ship

10XMore 5man STFs

Raid level 10-25man STFs that are meant for organized fleet raids and provide bonuses for fleets

a possible expansion pack to increase max level

less ground missions

less missions that mix space and ground,

(i hate being on the ground)
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11-10-2012, 02:18 AM
Short term:
  • Kill Mudd - either make it so he pops up only when visited, or kill his exit banner entirely.
  • Generic confirm - Modal dialogs requiring a click or an Enter key should be migrated to the Key Bind "acknowledge" key (default F)

Mid Term
  • No movies - I'd like to see an option to turn off the movies as you enter and exit systems
  • Omega - the whole system with proto this and salvage that to get a "token" to buy a thing just doesn't work. I hear rumors that this is cleared up in S7. If so, ignore.
  • Purchase goods - Adding a bartender to our Starbase was the biggest hassle we could imagine. And the Chef looks even worse. Requiring insane quantities of items that only come as rare drops is terrifically annoying. Dosi Rotgut and Romulan Ale shoud be available of purchase,... SOMEWHERE. Dosi at Quarks and Ale at S39 would be fine. But grinding the Romulan temple and chasing Tulaberries is not acceptable. This should apply to ALL items required for the starbase (like Taspar eggs and Heart of Targ, etc)

Long Term
  • Normalization - I'd like to see every starbase have the same entrance system (short/no trip, one dialog), I'd like your ship to point in the direction of travel as you cross sectors, Some clear way to get pretty much everything in the game (Lobi store?), etc
  • Planets - Places to go. People to meet, Stuff not involved with a mission. Perhaps special Doff missions. Build a world of trading and stuff to do that's not about the mainline missions.
  • Map Expansion - More sectors, more planets, just generic places to explore.

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