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11-06-2012, 12:31 AM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
The only reason I don't like the only the winner gets the points idea is what if your a great pvper but none of your team is online. (Me for example. The team I play with we live in 4 different time zones it's only about 2 times a week we are all on at the same time. So what happens if the really good play has to pug or go in a 2 man team. He might have 13 kills had the best burst dps best heals and did more work then everyone else in the game but his teammates all suck and ended up being food. Is that fair for him? I like the pvp rep system but how about on an individual basis. Dosent matter how good your team is if you did good you get rewarded if you sucked you get penalized. It would work out better for everyone also I would like to see an assist score in the game instea of everyone who did any damage getting the kill have it so the kill blow get the kill and everyone else gets the assist if you helped.
Sounds like normal PuG PvP experience to me. Obviously PuGs would have to be separated from Premades. I'm all for marks only for winners, but I'm also for equality of chances. Not everyone has bunch of friends around always online.

The problem I see, STO hardly has enough players to support separate queues...

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11-06-2012, 02:11 AM
I don?t think they would ever make a system that gives nothing or takes away from the loser.

But you could give bonuses for what you do in a match. Here are some examples (space arena values)

5 marks for a kill

1 mark per 50,000 damage done to an opponent

1 mark per 50,000 self-heal

2 marks per 50,000 team heal

2 marks per 50,000 damage taken.

1 mark for each second you ?hold? or ?disable? an opponent

-5 marks for a death (can?t go below 10 marks)

1 mark per 30 seconds of ?red alert? status

The winner gets the different in score (final score is 0-15 winners get 15 marks, or final score is 14-15 winners get 1 mark)
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11-06-2012, 03:09 AM
Ok I have a few ideas to add to this.

We could have a match making system that works off of average marks per game or per minute. Also if they tracked how you got the marks healing or damage they could try to mix teams so you had healers and dps and sci.

The above numbers would more than likely to give large amounts of marks. This is good because once you get to tier 5 in the new rep system you can turn marks into dil.
So in away a system like this could make getting dil from pvp the fastest way. Which I think it should be, because facing off against another person is the hard game play you can get.
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# 14
11-06-2012, 03:17 AM
I would rather see a Season 7 rep like system for PvP with something like marks from Star Wars: Old Republic pvp for participation with extra marks for winning matches.

Dmg done
Healing done
Dmg absorbed

These marks you would get of PvP matches + Ker'rat (while I still think it should get omega marks as well).

Reward being pvp weapons with extra accuracy, maybe some special consoles or sets and some passives.

Now I understand PvE crowd would moan that they need to PvP for that gear...but PvPers also need to do STFs...
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# 15
11-06-2012, 03:45 AM
To an extent I like your basic idea-a reputation system based on Kills/wins that awards marks and has a leaderboard.


Your solution is complicated and predicated on hte Que system, which is fine for sportsmen and duellists, but utterly frustrating for people who want to fight NOW.

Here's what I see: I can que for C&H or Arena, and then go nerf off for thirty minutes to several hours in Kerrat-and in Kerrat, I'll see more live opponents, fewer "Farmers" and more action than I will waiting around DS9, Gonalda, Drozana, or First City for the damn ques to pop-especially at low levels (Commander to Captain).

Further, in Ker'rat, I don't have to have exactly-equal-forces to play-I can go after straggling Feds who aren't in the protective sphere of their Fedball in my dinky little non-c-store base model Norgh/qorgh/K'tinga, or fall in with a formation of fellow Klinks to pound on Starfleet with superior numbers/coordination/brass.

Which is really more of a Wargamer position, than a Sportsgamer position. There is a mission, there is an opponent or opposition, there are necessary tactical choices to be weighted between one mission, and the other, and no matter the setup you're running, no guarantee of winning.

I can ALWAYS find someone looking for a fight at Ker'rat, all day long, every day. There ARE PvP'ers out there, just not queing up for 'equal' fights where a good number cruncher can almost guarantee a win.

To truly "revitalize" PvP, maybe a move away from the Que system is in order, toward more and more varied War Zone areas, possibly supported with Storyline content. ("Breaking the Planet" practically begs for a war-zone conversion, honestly, as does Terradome, probably see more people playing those as War Zones, than you EVER see playing them as PvE missions....)
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11-06-2012, 03:50 AM
Other stuff I would like to see is "duels" in borders/ neutral zones / contested territory. Something like Starlfeet Command when you faced 1v1. Well players could attack each other on the Galaxy map and duel, no running, no quiting, winner takes marks.
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11-06-2012, 04:22 AM
I hope there are new game types when we get the pvp rep system.

I guess what I was getting at is to make a bad game of pvp give rewards on par with the other systems, make a ok game give X1.5 or X2 the rewards and have a great game give 2 to 3 time the rewards. Pvp is the hardest fight to be great at.

People will start to pvp for the rewards and over the time of lvling the system will get better at pvp. It would help people start and stay in pvp.

The part I said about games being matched off of a leaderboard wouldn?t come into play if there was only 10 people waiting. Only when more than one game can be started then it would.
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# 18
11-07-2012, 09:59 AM
This is long time overdue. This thread has my 100% support.

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