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Founded by the Oath of the 5 Fleet Admirals, Starfleet Special Forces Omega Division is a unique unit in the Federation. The Federation needed a group of Special Ops that could get the job done no matter the level of difficulty. Masters of Espionage, Military Warfare, Engineering, Medicine, and Science, we are equiped with the best Weapons available, we accept any and every mission Starfleet gives us. When other divisions and ranks of Starfleet forces and fleets fail, WE DON'T! This fleet has battle tested veterans to Space and Ground combat. We keep our fleet advance and up to date.

This is Starfleet Special Forces Omega Division....

What does this fleet has to offer you?
1) We have a T3 Starbase and currently working on T4
2) We love doing PvE (STF Elites) together as a group. We use teamwork as an important factor!
3) We PvP a lot together as well. We teach newcomers the way of the PvPer
4) We have a Teamspeak! and a website!
5) Full Bank!
6) We offer advise to all who ask! we have a channel that you can join and ask any questions about STO

We enjoy each other's company and love just plan out playing STO.

We are looking for active players to join our ever growing ranks. We have veterans who can assist in any combat situation. You MUST be active in fleet chat, but we know everyone has lives outside of the game so we are extremely understanding. We always PvP and PvE with each other and we do not run this fleet like a Dictatorship like other fleets. We have a website and a Team Speak 3 server for considering us!

Everyday We develop Tactics to test on the battlefield.

Fleet Admirals

contact me in game at Skywalker@starcommando101
The Average PvP player

1) Teamwork and timing is #1
2) You cannot "Kirk It" in every ship
3) You are going to die, just get back up

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