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For some reason perfectworld seems hell bent on saying I am using a different computer. This is NOT the case. I clear all history and passwords, after I am done using the Internet for security purposes. There is far too many hackers and other such things on the internet these days. Problem number 2 I put my information in today to activate my sub. When I wanted to go get zen. It wanted that same information again. This is suspicious at best. I demand to know why perfect world is continually trying to collect more and more of my personnel information. It seems whenever I try to do something with this game related to money, I got perfect world trying to get me to jump through another hoop via my email address.

Now I have not put any personnel information down on this post. I would like to use the support but for some reason it wont let me pick sto. Not to mention I do not trust perfect world as far as I can spit.

Anyone want to try to explain perfect worlds strange behavior to me, I dont even need to go through this much bs with wow when I played it.

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