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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
needing only 3 of 4 subsystems does not bring balance to the game.
Nice job totally ignoring my whole argument there.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
sci ships, pathetic and week? pve'ers, so clueless. STO is a pvp game. as in, it is built apon a combat system designed for player ships to combat each other and fill certain roles. the pve in this game, and like all other games basically, is not built to require anything other then DPS, a cool factor, and a variable amount of time needed to kill something.
In other words, "I'm a PvPer, therefore everything else is irrelevant." In case you haven't noticed, that is not even remotely the way the game progression is set up. This is pure wishful thinking on your part, and quite frankly I'm glad of it. PvP in any game just isn't forgiving enough for new players, besides it's really never been something I've been interested in, there's enough rage without actually killing other players yourself.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a sci ship is least able to do this well, because its the weakest at dealing damage. but the sci ship is also the most important thing to have around in pvp, its ability to befuddle another player is what makes getting a kill possible, on any good team the healing is so strong that damage cant over come it alone.

the vesta as is will be an absolute pleasure to pve in im sure. but it is a mold breaking ship in pvp. a sci ship is supposed to set up the kill, not set up the kill, and kill all by itself, which the vesta will absolutely be able to do.
You're literally saying here that you admit that the status quo doesn't work properly for the majority of the content in the game, but because it would require your niche to adapt its expectations a little you think a fix shouldn't be put in the game. Wow, just wow.

The Vesta won't even have that much more spike damage than a regular sci ship without sacrificing half of its sci capability. Tac slots are very important for damage, especially spike damage, and the only way the Vesta gets an unusual number of those is by using the LtC slot and having just 5 sci abilities. Given how heal heavy most PvP sci builds seem to be, that's almost all of your offensive abilities. Or you just get all your spike from mines with the DHCs for long term DPS, and come out with a basically standard sci build with a bit more damage that relies on only as many power levels as the other two types.

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