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11-08-2012, 03:02 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Honestly. Noone cares what you DO NOT WANT. And certainly I do not care.

If ships costs same ZEN, they should have same benefit. If some ship has greater benefit, stats whatever, it should be more expensive or the previous version made cheaper. That's all.
I will ignore the first part of what you said, and answer the second.

These ships give you pretty much the same thing globally as fleet ships go. For the most part, all fleet ships universally give you 10% extra hull, 10-15% more shields, a slight alteration of BOff slots (usually better), and 1 more console. So they give the same benefits for the most part.

These ships all cost 2000 zen/20 mil ecs/mix of the two as standalone ships. The discounts are simply because sometimes you get another version of the ship in the c-store, and as a reward for paying more money to cryptic, you get a discount on your next purchase. Example: VA tactical escort retrofit costs 2000 or 2500 zen (too tired to care which atm, but you get the general idea). Now you get the fleet version for 500 zen. Overall cost is 2500-3000 zen. Yippee, still a hell of a lot of zen, but better than the 4000 or 4500 it would have otherwise cost. Then you get the Fleet Patrol Escort. Arguably an equivalent ship, but it costs a straight out 2000 zen. Because there is no C-store version.

I still don't really see what you guys are complaining about.
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11-08-2012, 04:21 AM
still, fleetships are a bargain compared to z-store ships, just because you can get them with EC. If that weren't the case, i would agree.

and sorry i was wrong about the can copy it.

PS: i also wanted to add prior, that orb weaver and/or time ships are considerably more expensive with EC (60 million and more) and lockbox keys (800 lobi, around 80 keys). So even with superior stats those ships are no where as cheap as the fleet nebula's 20 million.

again, fleetships are a bargain to the other far more expensive ships you compare them with.
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