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# 1 Alternative Defection
11-08-2012, 07:54 AM
Having a mix of FED and KDF DOFFs available in the Exchange is a pain to sort through..especially when the KDF one has just the stats you are looking for. So I was wondering why not redo the defection quest to give access to those officers on a crit success.


On the successful Crit of the Defection quest you get a "Defected Officer" token either that sits in your inventory, or a doff passenger.

You buy a KDF toon (or FED if you are KDF) from the exchange and go to an NPC who gives you a DOFF quest much like the dilithium hand in. Instead you hand over the Defected Officer plus the one you want to change. When the quest completes, you get back the KDF officer, now as FED useable.

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