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11-08-2012, 01:18 PM
Yes, the only reason to go on stf now is borg marks, which you won't need until t5.

Just remember they removed the dil from leveling so probably it's not taking as huge a hit as it would have.

The best way to look at the rep system is a sideline project to the actual game, something to not really think about and just level it for the passives, which granted are small.

It seems to me it was made to serve people who can play an hour max a day.

Once you throw the marks in there you have 2 days to do what complete 2-3 missions ?
So everyone is halted at the speed at which these people can progress.
I guess if the majority of the userbase fits that profile it makes sense.

Just if you are able to play 3 hours one night you are afk for 3 days where you don't have anything to do - it takes the control away from the users I think and so I think it's best to look for you actual gameplay somewhere else and let the rep system fade to the background.

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