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# 1 Building a Tactical Recluse
11-08-2012, 04:04 PM
I've gone through and found a couple of old threads, but it seemed like most people argued that this was a bad idea.

However, I want to buck trends.

I have a Recluse on my tactical captain, and I want to make it a 'tactical' Recluse. I have a couple of potential thoughts, and I'm wondering what others think.

Two major options:

1. Beam Recluse
Fore: 2x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array, 1x Thermionic Torpedo
Aft: 3x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array
Cmdr. Tac- TT1, APB1, TS3, APO3

2. Cannon Recluse
Fore: 3x [cannon]
Aft: 2x [turret], 1x Thermionic Torpedo
Cmdr. Tac- TT1, CSV 1, TS3, CRF 3.

If I went with (2), what kind of cannons would one use? I was thinking polarized disruptors...

The idea with (1) is that it's basically a shield stripping build so that torpedoes- both of myself and of the fighters- will hammer it. The idea with (2) is a more mixed directly offensive build.

Any suggestions? What kind of fighters would be most ideal? Are the two just terrible?

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