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11-08-2012, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by lordsobek View Post
I did some test runs: every entry represents the amount of items, the format is as follows:

;... old stf rewards ...; ;... info from the crate ...;

In detail:

edc;rare salvage;proto salvage;rare tech;proto tech; ;OM;BNP;Dilithium

Old tribble toon receives:

287;52;51;17;08; ;3500;15;04000

Test runs with current toon:

449;74;75;24;13; ;4000;15;16000
449;74;25;24;13; ;4000;15;16000
449;25;25;24;13; ;4000;15;16000
449;00;00;24;13; ;4000;15;16000
449;00;00;10;13; ;3500;15;08000
449;00;00;00;13; ;3500;15;08000
449;00;00;00;05; ;3500;15;08000
449;00;00;00;00; ;3500;15;08000
349;00;00;00;00; ;3500;13;04000
249;00;00;00;00; ;3000;13;04000
149;00;00;00;00; ;2500;11;03000
049;00;00;00;00; ;1500;07;01000
029;00;00;00;00; ;1500;07;01000
019;00;00;00;00; ;1000;05;00000
013;00;00;00;00; ;1000;05;00000
012;00;00;00;00; ;1000;05;00000
011;00;00;00;00; ;1000;05;00000
010;00;00;00;00; ;1000;05;00000
009;00;00;00;00; ;0500;03;00000
Thanks for that! VERY handy.
Looks like EDCs are the favoured item in conversion.
350 EDC alone gets a good chunk (like 80%) of me turning in around 500+ edc, 100 proto salvage, 40 rare salvage and 20 proto techs. (off the top of my head gets me about 4500 omega, 15BNP, 26k dil) I'll post my exact conversion inputs and outputs later when I can get back in game.

Originally Posted by commodoreshrvk View Post
Keep posting data all, especially now since we have new values for the tiers. This way I can go ahead and update the conversion tool.
There's a conversion tool? Where can I access it?
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