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People (including Devs) always say how PvP is dead, how the game would be better off without it, and how it's not worth fixing. To which I reply: Cryptic has recently shown a preference to short, instanced matches of endlessly repeatable content.

Isn't that what PvP is all about?

1. Big open PvP maps.

I miss Ker'rat. I really do. The chaos that ensues when you have a bunch of angry people with highly missmatched ships in tight quarters (and you let them fight each other) has resulted in some of the most hilarious and memorable moments in the entire game. So why don't we have more of that? With a whole sector block coming, I'm rather sad one of these wasn't in the lineup.

It doesn't have to be that hard to make. Just a big open space where we can kill each other. You don't even have to fill it with anything either. Nothing but the cold, cruel void of space, a pretty skybox, a mission that says "Go here, kill 20 dudes", and call it a day.

2. Make better rewards for it. ....and put them in boxes.

Currently there is no special reason to PvP. The rewards either aren't very good (Ker'rat) or can be obtained in better manners. While that might be changing, I don't believe a PvP reputation system is the entire solution. A much simpler idea (and one that could still be done in addition too) is to make some of the rewards based on how many kills/assist kills you get and put all the rewards (including dilithium) in to loot boxes like STF's are currently.

This forces you to A. Kill the other guy to get what you want, but also B. forces you to be alive to collect your loot. This would breath much needed life into PvP, and AFK'ers would disappear overnight. (At least from PvP and Ker'rat, though, if all missions did this it would at least impede PvE AFK'ers)

3. Mission based PvP Content.

Make a mission, and use players as your mobs.

Think about it this way; Imagine a mission where there is an NPC vessel that while researching a comet, crashed and embedded itself into the comet. This knocked the comet out of orbit, and now it's plummeting to it's doom. There's a lot of people and important research on board this ship, so you being the good little starfleet you are, get some buddies and go to rescue it.

Where upon you meet player klingons trying to take it for themselves.

You could add all sorts of things to make this interesting. Say the Comet is breaking up and there are giant pieces of death filled ice you have to dodge.

<Little bit more difficult things>

4. A little pocket war.

Remember Neural? The planet from "A Private Little War"? The planet where Kirk and Klingons fought a proxy war? By giving each side weapons and support, hoping to win the planets favor? The planet with the giant poisonous unicorn ape? Yeah that one.

Why is something like that not in game? Sounds like the perfect resource sink to me!

Either just give them random crap that helps them out, or engage in actual all out violence! Which kind of brings us too:

5. Territory Control.

It's been discussed before, and it's time.

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