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Originally Posted by havam View Post
lol I'm more shooting for 5
I have to agree, Brandon being there is great, but unless Cryptic puts a PvP Dev team together, and those Devs learn how to play in a team, nothing we do can compensate for the neglect, and poor QnA we are confronted with patch after patch after patch after patch....

As it stands, its PvD, so lets go and fill the ranks with more players. So much untapped potential for STO pvp, such a long time of cryptic doing squat about it
I agree, Havam, not with your hopes (5! ), but with your general assessment of the PvP situation. What we are trying to do here is not a panacea but it is a single, grass-roots way that we as players can help raise the level of PvP. As I said before, I have submitted a semi-formal proposal that not only Brandon has seen but also the devs whose work overlaps with PvP related matters. Our voice is being heard. How the devs decide to act on our demand for better PvP is out of our hands.

We cannot change the game on the programming side, but we can show players the ins and outs of PvP, increase the PvP player base, and thereby generate "demand." Let's hope that the new PvP reputation system will also help to bring in some fresh players.

I'll make a bet with you, Havam. I bet for the first event alone (late December/early January), we will get at least 20 players (not counting the some 15 coaches who have volunteered) to participate. If I win, you will give me 5 million ecs. If fewer than 20 show up, I will give you 5 million. Deal?

PvP Boot Camp Project Leader Emeritus

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