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10-28-2012, 05:59 AM
And "exploring" randomly generated maps with generic random aliens for months would have been so much more Trek and so much better because?...

People here wouldn't accept anything short of a fully functional holodeck as a true Trek experience, just do yourselves a favor boys and stop playing. This is a video game and it will be about flying Trek ships and pew pewing aliens from the Trek universe. Expecting anything else is delusional. For what it is and for what it costs (nothing) the game is pretty good and it'll get better.
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Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
And "exploring" randomly generated maps with generic random aliens for months would have been so much more Trek and so much better because?...
I certainly don't think the randomly generated exploration maps are more "Trek". I think they're a pile of garbage. What would be more trek is for exploration to actually mean something. To expand the map. To allow us to build colonies. Also, I'd like to see actual in-universe political change, based on what we as players do.

I want the actions of the players to determine whether we stay at war with the Klingons, or whether we do accept a new Romulan faction into Federation membership. Since my character holds the rank of Ambassador, I want to open up peace talks with the Undine. I want to go to Section 31 and devise strategies to gather intelligence on the Iconians.

And I want these actions to matter. I don't want to play a Foundry mission that allows me to do these things that ultimately means nothing. I want to change the game world I live in, based on what I do. Eve Online allows players to do this. Why can't STO?

Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
This is a video game and it will be about flying Trek ships and pew pewing aliens from the Trek universe. Expecting anything else is delusional.
Then it pleases me to be delusional.
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Originally Posted by treaen View Post
I think the moral of the story that's happening right now is that everybody likes to complain. There is a general consensus that exists on the Forum between the players who choose to post here about the things that we think could be improved about the game. And there is a very loud monologue happening to explicate it.

*gargantuan text barrier*
Kudos on your points and constructive criticism.
Please make this into a standalone thread with proper, bite-sized paragraphing. Maybe--ideally--multiple separate posts on the matter. As it is, and has probably already been stated, walls of text like this, while chock-full of lots of detail and information for the geeks that like their detail, will simply turn off the majority of readers who are only here to scan entries. It's just the nature of how things are.

You have a great deal to cover. I know full well how brevity can be hard to achieve when it feels like every detail is precious. But please: make a standalone thread separate from this thread and triage the post of unnecessary minutiae so that it won't scare off folks, and your points will be more likely to be seen and not glossed over.

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Wow, that wall of text is daunting even to me, and I read Kant...
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Originally Posted by sekritagent View Post
[*]People who have already completed Mk XII sets will NOT receive any progress in the new Borg STF reputation system, ever. Even though we are playing through the exact same STFs as before.
This definitely bugs me to hell, why? I mean we old timers slaved through those STFs before the introduction of the new system.

is it simply to daunting of a task for Cryptic to look up a players time ingame in regards to STFs.

You would think if you obtained both the Mk XII Space and Ground sets, that you'll be credited instantly in the new rep system. I'm just speechless, really.
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;O u can increase reputation in new stf reputation system so u can progres ,and i dont see realy such a huge grind in it u get 80marks for elite stf and u need 7-8 per reputation q and u need mats which u buy from npc so u need just to log in every 2 day put mats and start quests and u get almost 3 k reputation for it so whit 1 elite u can easy full 10 of thet quests so u need do 1 elite stf every 4-5 day and i dont see huge grind in thet.sry for bad eng
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Ah well...bye!
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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
And you'll find out that the majority who enjoy both will play more likely pve.

Anyway what pvp needs will make people cry out loud: pre made ships with pre made boff layouts and skills you can't change and pre made gear on 3 ships and nothing more. That's the only way to build an interesting pvp in this game but as soon as this is done old pvpers will start whinning because they miss their old build or cryptic didn't make theyr ship op enough, etc.

I really think they should do that and ignore any kind of feedback after release, otherwise they'll have to work constanly on feedback because your pre made ship tac boff didn't brush his teeth this morning and isn't good enough for you or whatever stupid idea players will come up with to nerf their opponent's builds (which is the real purpose of the current pvp forums).
it is a nice idea but utopic like communism..
- in every PVP game - also in BLC, LOL, ... you get to customise your toon and mostly there also is some kind of progression through gear, talismans, etc..

- why would i bother to grind for better gear if i could not use it in PVP? Cause the whole PVE is doable in green MK XI.

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