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# 1 Potential Ideas for STO.
11-09-2012, 10:52 AM
Hi, I've had a number of ideas which i feel could add to STO. I understand that they may have been suggested before but please before you post saying omg you stole my idea! Please consider this post as an endorsement for them because they were pretty awesome ideas. I haven?t had time to read through all of the forum going way back because I would still be here reading them when the sun goes super nova and I?ve got things I want to do, things like get married, have children and perhaps find a cure for cancer.. Well ok maybe not the last one but I hope you get my point.
The idea?s I?ve outlined I have tried to keep short and to the point with at least some explanation to what I?m getting at, if anything further is needed please ask, but please keep it constructive.


For me crafting is an integral part of any MMO, the ability to create new items is a must. So my idea(s) regarding this is as follows. I propose a crafting system similar in nature to the one that Star Wars Galaxies had, i.e. each item that?s made has sub components that have to be made first. As an example let?s take a phaser rifle and break it down into some core components. So we'll have a stock, chassis, power supply and barrel. (Yes i know I?m keeping it simple but with any system you don?t want to scare people off where you have items that has way too many components and making it over complicated.) But to make things interesting each item would have 4 levels (as do many items in the game) Common (White), Non Common (Green), Rare (Blue) and Ultra rare (Purple) with this added you can have many types of Phaser Rifle from a full white common variant to a full on purple deluxe version. Plus you would have every combination in between with modifiers for using different levels of components.

I realise the amount of work that would need to go into something like this would be enough to drive a team of devs into nervous breakdowns but the possibilities for customisation would be astronomical, if you want a metallic brony symbol to adorn your ship, if there?s a pattern craft it! If you want your shuttle to have big chrome fins... if there?s a pattern crafts it! I don?t mean just cosmetic stuff either but You guys get the idea.


I know there are rumours that this is one of the next big things to be worked on, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents with this in mind.

Firstly the universe within STO at the moment feels too static I know that almost every time I log in it will be exactly the same as when I logged out. To this end my idea is this with exploration in mind lets split up the 3 classes of ships (Tactical, Engineer and Science) and what roles they could fulfil within exploration.

Tactical ? Land, air, sea or space Starfleet Tactical will be there to defend the federation from hostile forces, if a hostile alien race is discovered tactical are the ones to deal with it as they have the pew pew to do it.

Engineer ? Need a power grid constructing? Need anything fixing these are your guys, they also investigate strange tech left on alien worlds, and help warp capable civilisations after natural disaster?s etc let?s get them back to what they are good at!

Science ? Science captains are the most important part for me anyway of exploration they fly the ships that are specifically designed to explore they would find new planets, new species etc

Voyager had a astrometry?s lab so why can?t other ships? If some of you like me are old enough to remember the Elite series of games the 2nd one Elite Frontier has an amazing navigational system which displayed detailed info on planets etc for ones that has been discovered in STO an interface like this would be amazing in my opinion, it would show all missions relevant for a player?s class as well as sector information, planet information etc.

Plus there would be first contact missions where if the missions went well, they could eventually ask to join the federation or KDF depending which faction the player is playing from(Although something would need to be done about the possibility of having an infinite number of reputations per character). If the system is empty you could stake a claim for the federation or KDF and expand the territory for your faction, there could be PVP where the fate of systems etc could be decided. It would add an extra dimension to PVP and the need for it.

Fleet planets / colonies.

This would go hand in hand with the exploration as the fleet planet / colony would only be unlocked once a starbase and embassy reach certain levels. Reason for this? Well a fleet needs a certain amount of resources to be able to stage a planet colonisation doesn?t it?

A colony / planet would be the pinnacle of fleet items as it would have everything that a fleet would desire minus the features that have been given to a Starbase thus far, such as shipyard and fabrication facility the comms array and transwarp gate could be duplicated in orbit of the planet as it would make sense to have these there too, also a feature that could be implemented on a planetary colony would be player housing a place we could call our own. But if we wanted it we would have to sink our own resources into it, it would not be something provided via fleet donations.

Political System.

In essence the federation is a republic, the federation president has been shown a few times on the TV series and movies and I think it would be great if we could have one too. This is how I propose it would work.

Each fleet would have a representative on the federation council / senate and would have access to a message board for things like inter fleet trading i.e. if a fleet needs help with their starbase they can request help with anything they need to complete it, if they need any resources to help with a Tier upgrade they post on there and another fleet could help them out. The president would oversee this process to make sure that the fleets are being taken care of appropriately and none are being left behind, plus they would have the responsibility of setting the war status within the faction they are with. For example they can negotiate a peace treated between the Feds and Klingons, or they could declare all-out war which would make some of the sectors within the exploration zone pvp zones where you can attack either faction on sight. Plus extra missions where you can attack the opposing factions NPC planets and assets etc. Alternatively if there is a peace treaty you can?t attack other faction players and all PVP zones because they have now become safe zones.

Each president or Leader of the High council will have a month in office then another will be voted into office by the council or senate or the same one can stay as long as they have been voted for by the council or senate.

Finally, I realise that tech may not be available etc. and quite frankly they would require a ton of work that may or may not be in the direction that the folks at Cryptic want to take the game, but I wanted to get this out there anyway.

Many Thanks for your time and patience with reading my ideas.

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