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# 1 The Great House of Mor'ach
11-09-2012, 10:03 PM
The Great House of Mor'ach is a proud house, with several smaller Houses owning allegiance to them. House Mor'ach has been granted permission from the High Council to operate as an independent fleet (the 102nd Klingon Defense Fleet) and use state of the art Borg technology to renovate our fleet and bring fear to the enemies of the Empire at the end of our blade. We will crush the 525th and 85th with the most powerful fleet in the KDF. ((We are the official RP counterpart of the 525th and 85th. Membership in the 525th or 85th grants all of your Klingon alts membership in this fleet.))

The Great House of Mor'ach is a Klingon Faction Role Playing fleet. All KDF toons of all levels are welcome as long as they desire to Role Play and contribute to the fleet. Any players with KDF toons that would like to join can mail Do?tagh@ericandrewross with the toons name@handle for an invite.
Vice Admiral Ross
and others too numerous to name...

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